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Can you make money on Black Friday?

How to dilute the topic of the US elections, which are boring to many, the depressing statistics of infections and the new economic aid package?

A holiday shopping season! But this year it will go differently, given the entire situation with the virus.

The number of shoppers is likely to be much smaller this year due to social distancing policies, not to mention fewer stores open given the number of stores closed during the pandemic. But online sales are expected to be strong.

While the pandemic has caused a lot of trouble for the retail sector, retail sales have been surprisingly strong this year. The big question is, which companies can outperform this holiday season? It’s just under a week before the elections, and markets and investors are fully focused on it. … Almost a third of the population has already voted, and the chances that the process will drag on are getting smaller and smaller. Once this is settled, investors will turn their attention to the holiday shopping season.

So let’s get ahead of the curve.

The question is, what shopping season should we expect? The crowds making their way at Best Buy probably won’t be around this year. The pandemic has already brought many changes to retail. Will this Black Friday really be black?Will this Black Friday really be black?

The retail industry is believed to be operating at a loss for most of the year. Then, as demand for holiday gifts rises the day after Thanksgiving, retailers are finally counting chickens. :)🙂

This year is very different, like everything in 2020. Black Friday won’t be the same as countless small retailers simply won’t be working. Mandatory social distancing rules will be introduced to prevent large crowds in shopping centers.

Who to bet on?

Cyber ​​Monday Cyber ​​Monday has been actively promoted over the past few years. It is believed that this is the first Monday after Black Friday, but recently there has been an idea: “why don’t we do a whole Cyber ​​Week”. Instead of one day to complete all transactions, online retailers have moved to close deals within a full week, and given the COVID constraints, it is no longer difficult to calculate that online shopping will have a big advantage this year.

Prime Day Third-Party Seller Sales on Amazon Prime Day Up 60% YoY to $ 3.5BThird-Party Seller Sales on Amazon Prime Day Up 60% YoY to $ 3.5B

Amazon spends two days of great sales for its subscription customers. This membership gives customers access to some digital content, digital storage, and of course, free shipping. There are also sales days, which the company usually held in the middle of summer.

This year’s Prime Day took place on October 13 and 14, and it was much later than usual. The main idea during prime day was to run this promotion in the middle of summer to help retailers scroll through more items. The discounts were offset by the volume that AMZN could reach, so it was a win-win situation for everyone.

Other retailers such as Target and Walmart have run their own promotions to compete with Prime Day sales. Interestingly, have these sales dragged some of the future demand and will not reduce subsequent purchases of the sales season? Retail The pandemic had a big negative impact on retail sales in March and April, but the next two months were good, in both May and June, the effect of deferred demand kicked in.

According to the latest data for September, growth was 1.9% month-over-month, forcing many traders to buy retail stocks. (GAP BBBY UA NIKE DLTH RL even Macy came to life) Major players in the Retail sectorMajor players in the Retail sector

Clothing stores lead with 11% growth, and department stores are not far behind at 9.7%. Sporting goods sellers also grew 5.7% on average

Hibbett Sports (HIBB) – The specifics of the sporting goods retailer business eased the recession into the pandemic a bit. People who don’t go to the gym buy their own exercise equipment instead. At the end of August, HIBB showed tremendous success, and this was the beginning of a big rise in the stock. Net earnings per share were $ 2.95 versus $ 1.15 expected, and revenues were up 75% year-over-year. Stocks soared from $ 35 to $ 55 in just a few weeks. HIBB is still a very attractive idea, but the catch is that this company and many others have already grown thanks to increased demand during the pre-holiday season. This means that the money that could have been spent on a holiday gift for the following weeks was spent in late summer or early fall. HIBBHIBB
What should you choose?

Capri Holdings (CPRI) – This is the name of a holding company that owns brands such as Michael Kors and others. Michael Kors’ popularity probably peaked back in 2015, but there are signs of a return to the brand. Other brands in their ownership – that’s what interested me in this promotion. Jimmy Choo and Versace are two big names that are part of this story … and the idea here is that luxury goods have been surprisingly popular over the past few months. CPRICPRI

And yes, the second choice is AMZN, the growth company, and I am inclined to think that stocks will react positively to the figures that appear on Thursday. Amazon in all its gloryAmazon in all its glory

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