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Sergey Kamornikov, “Belorusneft” – on the oil business, customer retention and the role of coffee at gas stations

How does the business of oil companies work today and why is coffee for them the new oil? For a big talk about this difficult business, the director of “Pro Business” Vitaly Volianyuk went to Gomel, to the head office of one of the largest players in the fuel market of Belarus – the company “Belorusneft”. Watch an interview with a top manager of the company – Sergey Kamornikov, Deputy General Director for Provision of Hydrocarbons and Sales of Products.

What will you learn:

0:45 What is the year 2020 for Belorusneft?

2:19 How does the company history museum work?

3:26 How did the history of Belorusneft begin?

6:41 How many cups of coffee do the filling stations sell per year, and what place does this area occupy in the structure of the entire business?

9:06 How is a typical Belorusneft gas station arranged?

10:40 Who is the company interested in entering into partnership with?

12:08 What is more profitable – to export oil to the EU as a raw material or to process it in Belarus and sell it as an oil product?

14:15 What is the average age of employees in the company and how many people work in it?

14:59 How does the company build customer loyalty?

17:34 Where does the company see its competitive advantage when entering the retail and HoReCa market?

19:52 Is it interesting for the company to create platforms for the development of startups and other new businesses?

23:35 In what directions does Belorusneft plan to develop?

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