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“In one moment and by chance” – 5 exciting business stories


Someone has been working in one area for years and carefully plans to launch their own business, while for someone everything is decided at one moment by chance. Collected 5 stories about businesses that started due to coincidence of circumstances or signs of fate. Maybe your story will start with a casual reading of inspirational material?

Two friends Julia Mednik and Tatyana Lavrenova were vacationing in Spain. We sat in a cafe and chatted about typical girlish topics – about choosing a wardrobe. The girls faced a common problem – oversized things had to be altered and adjusted for themselves.

Julia Mednik and Tatiana Lavrenova.  Photo from personal archive
Julia Mednik and Tatiana Lavrenova. Photo from personal archive

We got to the point that we should start our own clothing brand. And suddenly someone’s phone rang in the cafe – it was the song of Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum “Everything is in your hands”. We took this as a sign – everything is really in our hands! Each time, remembering this story, we are glad that at that crucial moment for us on the phone at the next table did not play “hop-hey-la-la-ley”“, – said the friends.

The brand name was also composed in a couple of minutes. The girls decided to order wine to celebrate the birth of the business. Both spoke Spanish poorly, so they tried to explain to the waiter that they needed two glasses, and simply repeated: “Uno mas uno” (“one plus one”).

The business was launched rapidly: we bought fabrics, found a designer and seamstresses – in 1.5 months we made models for the first collection. And the advertising shoot was carried out in Sicily simply on the iPhone.

Read about how a spontaneous idea turned into a fashion brand that is in demand among girls from different countries and cities – read the material.

Since his youth, Sergey Ovchinnikov was fond of motorsport: figure driving, rallies, races. But one day a man had an accident on a snowy road – then he was in the passenger seat. Fortunately, for all the participants in the incident, everything ended well. But the case impressed Sergei so much that he decided to teach drivers to drive safely.

Photo from personal archive
Photo from personal archive

Another case pushed the man to create a business. Then Sergey worked as an adjuster at an enterprise, but felt that he could not grow professionally in the company.

Once I went to the director to sign documents for a business trip. He just went out for dinner, and the secretary said to him: “A young man has come to you.” And the director suddenly replies: “How young is he? How old are you? 33? Christ in your years created the doctrine, and you carry all the pieces of paper.” And went. And somehow I thought about it. In the end, I decided to leave“, – shared Sergey.

Read about how Sergei opened a counter-emergency training center and started making money on the ability to respond in emergency situations, read the link.

Ivan Dubinenkov worked in the scientific field – he went on scientific expeditions, pored over his dissertation in Germany, actively participated in many scientific initiatives. But one day the young man felt that he wanted to try himself in something new. And this “new” was their own business.

Photo courtesy of PR-service Solemate
Photo courtesy of PR-service Solemate

The idea of ​​creating a company came to me unexpectedly. I was in Hanover and when buying another pair of white sneakers I thought that they would not stay this clean for long, especially in Russian weather conditions. I assumed that this problem probably arises not only for me. And at that moment he was determined to create his own brand of sneaker care products.“, – Ivan recalled.

The guy went around several shoe stores, bought a lot of different cleaning products and began to test them, study the compositions. Based on the analysis, Ivan realized which formulations are optimal for dealing with dirt and help in shoe care. Returning to Russia, he started production.

Read about how one chance acquaintance with an SMM specialist Evgeny Skvortsov helped promote the brand and increase the company’s sales in the material.

Since childhood, Anna Dudkina was immersed in the family business of selling textiles and, when she grew up, she opened a curtain shop. But she quickly realized that the matter was not entirely to her liking.

I could choose people, place – everything except the product. Is it just because the family sews curtains that I have to sell them all my life?Anna thought.

Anna Dudkina.  Photo: Lana Krasikova
Anna Dudkina. Photo: Lana Krasikova

The outbreak of the crisis helped the girl make a difficult decision – the curtain shop had to be closed. Anna was very worried that the project had failed, but was ready to try herself in other areas.

A new job found me on its own. I just went downstairs to have a cup of coffee in a small bakery in my own house, where I often visited as a guest. There, the baker girl was going on vacation, and the owner of the establishment asked me to work for her. It was a joke proposal, but I agreed“, Anna recalled.

The new job opened up the world of coffee and pastries for the girl. She became interested in setting up a catering business and realized that she wanted to start her own business. This is how the Stories coffee shop was born.

How Anna managed to integrate into the city’s coffee culture and withstand tight competition – in our material.

Ekaterina Masherova worked as an accountant in an “unremarkable company”. One of the clients, while communicating with the girl, said that he was planning to open his own travel company. Ekaterina was inspired because she always dreamed of working in this area.

Photo from the personal archive of Ekaterina Masherova
Photo from the personal archive of Ekaterina Masherova

I was asked: “Can you organize?”, And I answered: “I can!” With shining eyes, I solved all the paperwork, found a room, organized repairs, went through approvals, recruited staff. I’m not sure I would go through this today …“- said Ekaterina.

The girl became a hired director at the firm. One of the clients called the ad and asked if the company could arrange a corporate trip.

The same work could be done in any other agency, but, apparently, in the summer season they had no time for a group of 8 people … And someone decided not to bother – not the amount to breed a gimp with a new contractor. We were not afraid of either currency transfers or foreign contracts. We were looking for ourselves, and I indicated to the team that we can EVERYTHING“.

Ekaterina decided to open her own MICE company and work with corporate clients. About what challenges the girl faced and how she managed to overcome them – in the material on the link.

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