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“Beautiful business”: 5 stories of how to make money in the beauty industry


Beauty will save the world and … help to earn money? The grooming goods and services industry is highly competitive but considered relatively easy to start a first business. But how to find your niche and unique advantages? How to attract first customers? And how much can you earn on people’s desire to look beautiful? We have selected 5 stories for you that will answer these questions.

Evgeny Shatokhin.  Photo from personal archive
Evgeny Shatokhin. Photo from personal archive

Evgeny Shatokhin planned to become a doctor, graduated from a medical school and even worked for a couple of years in a morgue and a dermatovenerologic dispensary. Then he realized that he wanted to do something else, and became … a hairdresser. He took courses and got a job in an elite salon, where he cut clients for 7 years. And then I realized that it was time to scale up and started my own business – I became a distributor of cosmetics. A little later – he opened a school of hairdressers. And a few years later, he matured to the idea of ​​an eco-beauty salon (which was conceived as a whole network).

“We saw a growing market for green salons all over the world. Since we are distributors of natural cosmetics, it was clear with the positioning that we would have an eco-salon. For example, we will never have yet fashionable services like “Brazilian straightening” or “keratin restoration”, because in most cases, the cosmetics used there contain formaldehyde – both customers and employees are forced to breathe. In some European countries, such services are prohibited by law. We planned to use only ammonia-free or low-ammonia dyes and shampoos without sulfates and parabens, which have passed environmental certification in the EU. ”

“How are we progressing? In marketing, we focused on the O-2-O model: online-to-offline / offline-to-online. Through the referral program, customers of the online store were “brought” to the salon, and the customers of the salon were brought to the online store. For example, a woman comes in for coloring and receives a discount coupon for a men’s haircut. After some time, her husband, son or colleague may appear in the salon. “

What other secrets did the business owner use to attract, what profitability did he achieve and how he grew his market share – read the link.

Daria and Denis Berezins.  Photo from personal archive
Daria and Denis Berezins. Photo from personal archive

When Daria and Denis Berezin decided to open the GLADKO depilation and cosmetology salon, the first thing they did was set up an Instagram account for this. And they promised subscribers that they would launch in 7 weeks from scratch. So their family business turned into an interactive insta series: while the couple drove from home in Zhodino to a construction site in Minsk and slept for 3-4 hours, subscribers voted for colors and equipment, and at the same time argued whether the salon would have time to open.

“How did I search for my niche? I started with the analysis of the beauty services market in Minsk. I started going to different salons – I visited them about 15. I paid attention to the recording process, the appearance of the masters, the service of answering calls, phone recommendations, SMS notifications, even the presence of air conditioners. What did I see? No confirmation SMS, no appointment reminders, no landmarks where to go. Administrators receive a guest sitting in a chair – undress yourself, sit down yourself, ask yourself to bring coffee. Craftsmen discuss with me their pressing problems … It turns out that you can stand out simply by service, leaving affordable prices. The niche of mono-studios for depilation and cosmetology was relatively free. We stopped at it. “

What problems did the steam encounter at launch? How did they hire staff and prepare the premises? And how did the idea of ​​the insta-series end? About this and much more – in the full version of the article.

Photo from the personal archive of Ekaterina Matusevich
Photo from the personal archive of Ekaterina Matusevich

Having worked as a hired lawyer for several years, Ekaterina Matusevich decided to open her own business: the beauty studio “Brush”. The school teaches you how to clean yourself up on your own, and at the same time works as a beauty studio (offers makeup and hairstyle services). Did the girl’s idea “shoot” or not?

“After graduating from university, I took professional makeup courses and started looking for clients. It turned out to be surprisingly easy. I started posting my work on Instagram. The first orders were from friends, and then word of mouth and good recommendations from my makeup teacher, who began to invite me to fashion shows and even shared with their clients, worked. “

“The development in this area has gradually led me to understand that just doing makeup for clients is good, but something new is needed. So, together with my own office, the idea came up to teach clients how to make up for themselves. It was another step towards realizing a dream – helping girls not to put on makeup “here and now”, but to see the potential of their appearance. From experience I can say: sometimes girls are simply afraid to see something new in themselves, to recognize a different nature in themselves. “

Has the personalized approach with creative elements paid off? How many people did you have to hire to handle all the clients? And why did the expenses pay off in the first month? Details are in our material.

Marina Karpovich.  Photo from personal archive
Marina Karpovich. Photo from personal archive

“Nails, eyebrows, eyelashes” – thanks to the insane demand for these services, the beauty industry today is very attractive for beginners and not only entrepreneurs. Marina Karpovich, the founder of the LashCrystal studio school, came to it, though not consciously, but found herself there unequivocally. And she was able to achieve success in her direction, even opening her own school and becoming the best teacher of the year in eyelash lamination.

“Many girls want to be the most beautiful since childhood. And it all starts with mom’s cosmetic bag. Therefore, it is not surprising for me that now very many women have found themselves in the beauty sphere – they have opened their own studios, schools, salons – and are successfully developing in their direction. It’s great when a job you really love brings not only satisfaction from the fact that you create beauty, but also a good income. “

“Today I am motivated by the successes of my students: victories in championships, great works, many are already opening their studios and even schools. This is my stimulus and inspiration. In fact, it is important for me to give high-quality knowledge, since I have already experienced low-quality knowledge on myself, when I studied “backwards”. Quite frankly, half of all the training I went through was wasted time and money. Therefore, it is important for me that my courses are as informative as possible, and the presentation of the material is easy and accessible. My global goal is to create in Belarus, and not only, a team of strong professional masters, like-minded people, competent specialists who will love their work and get maximum satisfaction from it. “

Read about the difficulties the heroine faced on the way to her dream and how much time and money she already had to spend – read the link.

Photo from Julia's Instagram account
Photo from Julia’s Instagram account

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Yulia Sekerina was a travel blogger. Once, while walking around Las Vegas, she saw how girls get their hair done in a dry bar, and decided that such a place must be in Minsk as well. Two years later, Yulia opened her own fast styling studio called “Light Excitement”. All this time, she was hatching an idea, but the closure of the borders in connection with the coronavirus pushed her to take decisive action.

“Having studied the demand in Minsk, I realized that the ideal stylish styling is great, but in tandem with makeup, it will make the project even more unique. Therefore, I decided to combine these services. And I also decided that in the studio it would be possible to wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer – for many women this is important.
Each of us has a fat twisted bunch on our heads, just because we didn’t have time in the morning, overslept, laziness and so on.

Our main difference from competitors is the ability to run in for styling and makeup throughout the day without an appointment. This, of course, is not a strict requirement and you can also sign up for styling. But when choosing a location, we understood that the main flow of customers would bring us through traffic, and it was by this criterion that we chose the location in the shopping center. “

What difficulties the girl faced when choosing places in the shopping center, how she rebuilt her business from competitors and how much she earns now – you will learn from the full version of the article.

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