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The first city house, designed by the SBK plant, begins to build in Zelenaya Gavan

The first apartment building from ready-made kits of the latest generation will be built in the “Green Harbor” near Minsk. All elements will be manufactured at the SBK Reinforced Concrete Structures Plant, and then assembled together according to the design principle. The project is unique: the layouts and many solutions were designed to meet the individual requirements of the A-100 Development developer.

The new city house will include 3 entrances of different heights – from 3 to 5 floors, and will be the first house completely assembled from self-produced reinforced concrete structures.

The first floor will be occupied by apartments with open terraces. The roof of the house will be exploited so that residents can gather on summer evenings and spend time with neighbors.

This house has no analogues – the project is unique. The capabilities of the plant allow us to embody non-standard ideas and erect modern European-class buildings. The city house in Zelenaya Gavan was developed in less than a year, and is distinguished by both its architecture, facade solutions and new layouts, exclusive even for the objects of the developer A-100 Development. The kits will be manufactured at the factory, delivered to the construction site and assembled into the finished home. In this way, we can build houses in a short time, and when designing, develop the configuration of the house and planning solutions for the individual tasks of the customer, which other market players do not implement.“, – note at the plant” Modern Concrete Structures “.

The architecture of the house corresponds to the general style of the complex “Green Harbor”… The apartments have high ceilings – 2.8 meters, and large floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the green landscape. Several apartments on the top floors will receive pitched roofs that can be stylishly beaten in the interior.

The choice of apartments is large – from studios of 29.9 sq. m to apartments with 6 rooms and duplex apartments for 135 “squares”. Planning solutions meet modern needs and current trends in the real estate market. The apartments are available both unfinished and with a finished interior. You can choose between Scandinavian Hugge or European minimalism. The decoration also includes a “smart home” system – a set of elements that automatically control various processes in the apartment and allow them to be controlled remotely.

A lot of glass will be used in the entrance groups, which will fill common areas with natural light and visually expand the space. Schindler lifts will be installed in the entrances.

Cityhouse will be surrounded by a closed landscaped courtyard with benches, sun loungers, street offices. Video intercoms and round-the-clock video surveillance will be responsible for security.

This house was designed and will soon be manufactured and assembled by the SBK plant. Despite the difficult times for the industry, we do not abandon our plans and introduce new products. The city house will be truly unique: few people would even believe that such complex objects and dynamic facades can be created from ready-made sets. At the same time, we have thought out apartments of different sizes for different buyers. Small apartments are suitable for families without children or those who are fond of golf can become a real estate investment. And more spacious housing is for those who need more space and personal space. “Green Harbor” provides freedom and space in all respects“, – explained in” A-100 Development “.

Plant “Modern Concrete Structures” opened in 2014, and in December 2019 became a part of the A-100 Development Group of Companies. The production is located near the village of Tabory in the Minsk region, its annual capacity is about 200 thousand square meters. The plant manufactures new generation prefabricated reinforced concrete structures for residential, office, retail and social facilities. The plant cooperates with public and private developers.

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