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What a Watchlist is. How to create it. How to set it up. How to use it for achieving your goals

Watchlist is required for watching the instrument parameters in one window rather than switching between several windows.

When a trader gets ready for a coming trading session, he selects potentially interesting instruments. For example, a separate Watchlist could be created for:

  • instruments, which are in a balance;
  • stocks, which opened with a gap;
  • stocks, reports on which have been published.

There could be many Watchlists and they could be cloned. Also, every Watchlist may have a unique name.

Fidenge Pecold

My profession is a journalist, but my hobby for 8 years has been studying Forex investing and trading. During this time, I managed to gain extensive experience in investing and trading cryptocurrencies and double my capital in the Forex market. To be the author of this magazine, the site owners invited me to participate in one of the 2020 trading webinars, and I will try to reveal the most relevant crypto market news for you.

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