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How to top up advertising accounts without VAT and not violate the law?

Crediting money to advertising accounts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, myTarget, VKontakte, TikTok and other systems is a painful topic for any business.

Does everyone have to pay VAT? Do I need to pay tax on income of non-residents and how is it done correctly? Where can I get signed contracts and acts? How to do everything so that there are no questions from the bank’s currency control and tax authorities? Officially, legally, with all the closing documents.

There is a solution, iContext is an automated service for crediting advertising budgets to advertising accounts, which was originally intended only for HTP residents, but is now available to all Belarusian companies: both exporters who want to enter new markets, and all those who work under the simplified tax system. without VAT.

When crediting money to advertising accounts through iContext, you do not pay either VAT or non-resident income tax. This is completely legal and possible due to the fact that iContext is a resident of the HTP and is exempted from paying these taxes in accordance with the decrees “On the Hi-Tech Park” and “On the Development of the Digital Economy”.

Favorable conditions for replenishment without VAT are now available to everyone!

Top up accounts with a commission of 1 BYN at the start!

If somewhere you are offered even more favorable conditions, let us know – and we will make an even more advantageous offer!

Honest course and full automation

Enrollment is made at the rate of Alfa-Bank for legal entities on the day of payment. Accounts are created in the currency recommended by advertising systems for the region of Belarus. Everything is honest, open and transparent.

You issue an invoice yourself in a convenient online service and pay it yourself – money is credited automatically no longer than 10-15 minutes.

No need to write or call the manager and wait for him to prepare the documents. And you can always get answers to any questions in your usual messenger, online chat or through the ticket system – as you prefer.

Complete set of closing documents

iContext provides all closing documents for accounting and taxexecuted in accordance with the requirements of the Belarusian legislation.

Since all invoices are issued in Belarusian rubles, you do not need to perform foreign trade operations to transfer money to advertising accounts. Your accountant will thank you.

Pleasant trifles

You can set up notificationsthat will come when the money on the accounts runs out. This way, you will be able to seize the moment and replenish your budget on time so that your ads don’t stop.

Also, iContext:

  • provides free access to a call tracking service to assess the effectiveness of advertising in different channels,

  • conducts audits of your website and competitors’ advertising activities so that you can use all your competitive advantages,

  • gives you access to ad setup tutorials to help you run more effective and profitable campaigns.

Choose a reliable partner and credit your advertising accounts without VAT on favorable terms from iContext!

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