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Inventory accounting system and support for 1C products – now available to users of “Smart-checkout” from A1

FFunctional solutions “Smart-cash desk” has expanded: now with its help you can not only accept non-cash payments by cards, cash, payments by certificates and print cashier’s receipts, but alsoFull accounting of goods, along with the use of 1C software products.

This opportunity is available to users of the iKassa program cash register through their personal account, which all users of the A1 solution have. With the help of “Smart-checkout” it is now possible to work with the catalog of goods and inventory systems, keep differential accounting, use barcodes, load goods from .xls and .cvs files and connect to other systems. Also, access to your personal account allows you to receive brief summary information on each outlet and sales in them, store all receipts and view reports on cash transactions. You do not need to pay separately for the service – it is already included in the monthly cost of using the iKassa software cash register.

In addition, companies that already use 1C in their work or plan to connect it, thanks to the ready-made module, can integrate Smart-cashier into 1C without the help of third-party organizations. Thus, you can take advantage of all the capabilities of the A1 solution in a single cycle.

“Smart-checkout” is a full-fledged integrated solution for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large mobile businesses, which is ideal for the operation of delivery services, outlets, small retail outlets and service shops. The compact device is equipped with multifunctional software designed to analyze sales, accept payments in different ways, control the turnover for each outlet and for each cashier, load goods, and set discounts.

The partner of “Smart-cash desk” with a personal account and the iKassa inventory system is the operator of the program cash desk, LLC “AYEMLAB”, and the acquiring bank is OJSC “Bank BelVEB”. At the same time, “Smart-cash desk” has a connection to the Cash Register Equipment Control System (SKKO).

The solution can be purchased by A1 clients from among legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are ready to connect or are served on the tariff plans of the Business Anlim line.

The device is available for purchase in installments up to 24 months from 46.5 rubles per month.

Details can be found on A1’s official pages on Facebook social networks, via a convenient online chat on the website, as well as by calling a single contact center phone number – 150. You can learn more about the procedure for drawing up an acquiring agreement in the bank’s contact center.

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