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IT career. Professions for pure humanities

For eight years, the IT industry has retained the second position in terms of the number of vacancies in our country, second only to the sales sector. And even In a difficult year in terms of employment in 2020, only one of the job search sites in the professional field of IT had an average of 3,093 vacancies available daily. These data are provided by the research center. No wonder everyone more people are eyeing the tech industry. But is there a place in it for the humanities? Practice shows: if you want to enter IT, any person can do it! Introducing the top 5 IT professions that are perfect for those who do not have a technical background and love for the exact sciences.

HR specialist

Eichar is, in fact, the face of the company. Indeed, often with a conversation with him, the acquaintance of the candidate for work with the organization begins. Whether an HR specialist will be able to interest and find an approach to a potential colleague also depends on how quickly one or another vacant position can be closed. However, the duties of the HRD are not limited to this only. Among their tasks today are assistance in adaptation to new employees, work with the team, development of corporate culture, representation of the company’s interests at external events. The field for realizing professional ambitions is vast.

Of course, if you want to work as an HR in an IT company, you will need to have an idea of ​​the industry itself, and the specialists who are involved in the teams, and the technologies. Professional courses will help you gain such knowledge and understand everything, after which you can feel very comfortable in the IT world.

How to get a profession: take the course “IT HR”

Duration of training: 40 teaching hours (one month)

Start requirements: specialized education in the field of personnel management / social management or work experience as an HR person from a year; the desired level of English is Pre-Intermediate and higher

Content marketer

Most IT companies need content on an ongoing basis, so there are literally queues for those who know how to generate ideas and put words into texts, especially in English. Are you friends with English and lyrics? We recommend taking a closer look at the profession of a content marketer.

The list of responsibilities of these specialists includes the formation of a content strategy, preparation of content for different platforms, the needs and requests of the target audience, its distribution and promotion. To be able to do it efficiently, it is important to be familiar with the English language. It is desirable to have the Advanced level, ideally – Proficiency. For a junior specialist, let’s say a strong Upper Intermediate. In addition, you need to be a guru in the preparation of content, understand how everything works in the world of Internet marketing and high technologies, and be able to clearly express thoughts.

How to get a profession: take the course “Content Marketing in IT”

Duration of training: 64 academic hours (one and a half months)

Start requirements: English at the Upper Intermediate level and above; digital native; elementary writing skills and a basic understanding of internet marketing

Technical writer

If in the case of content marketers we are talking about preparing marketing texts, then technical writers have a different specifics of work, although writing skills and knowledge of English are a must-have in this case. These specialists are responsible for the creation and updating of technical documentation. The main responsibility is to explain a complex product in simple language so that everything is clear to those people who will use it in the future.

What do you need to find a job? If you are sociable, consider yourself a team player and already know English at an advanced level, then it remains to add theoretical and practical knowledge of writing technical documentation. A professional technical writing course will help you get them. With such a base, there is every chance of finding a job in a new specialty.

How to get a profession: take the course “Technical writing”

Duration of training: 64 teaching hours (two months)

Start requirements: English at a level not lower than Intermediate

Graphic Designer

Design in IT is not limited to one profession. In this case, you can develop and try new things endlessly: for example, go to UI / UX or motion design. However, if we talk about a quick start, then graphic design is one of the most suitable options. Specialists in this field are engaged in the creation of illustrations, icons, flyers, posters, posters, magazine design, development of logos, business cards, corporate identity and much more. All this is needed by IT companies, advertising agencies, marketing departments, and freelance customers, so finding a job will not be difficult.

To try yourself in graphic design, you need to know only one tool – Adobe Photoshop. The rest, including the development of artistic taste and creativity, can really be learned in a matter of months. As a result, there will also be a portfolio with the first works, which is very much appreciated by employers. An important clarification: graphic designers don’t have to be able to draw!

How to get a profession: take the course “Graphic Design”

Duration of training: 80 teaching hours (two months)

Start requirements: proficiency in Adobe Photoshop

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