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How retailers keep shoppers in crisis: virtual clothing fitting

Now you can not only choose and buy clothes, but also try them on right in your smartphone. Whether the new outfit will be combined with other wardrobe items, will match the color type of appearance and whether it will fit the figure – you should not worry about this when you buy online. It is enough to install the Good Style mobile application, upload your photo – and the virtual fitting room is at your disposal!

The project partners are Koncept Krama, SiaSpace, LSD, Rawwwr and others brands. 69 designers supported the idea to implement virtual fitting functionality. Negotiations are underway with major brands in America, Europe and Asia. The number of application users has reached 55,000.

Collaboration with Kancept krama we will tell you how to implement the functionality of a virtual fitting on the website of an online store / upload 2D models of clothes to the Good Style application (Android, IOS) affects the end result, in particular sales.

Initially, the Good Style team had a goal to attract the best player in the Belarusian market. KANCEPT KRAMA is not only a cozy space in the historical center of Minsk, but also the largest online platform that brings together about 70 designer brands of clothing and accessories.

Olga Denisova, co-founder of KANCEPT KRAMA offline and online stores, Young & Fashion boutique, Head of the Young Fashion Designers Association, told what to expect for marketplaces and online stores from cooperation with Good Style:

Kantsept Krama is a project that began when interest in local brands and works of authorship was just emerging all over the world. We follow trends, and sometimes we set them. Therefore, we decided to launch our platform a year before the crisis 2020. Now the world is rapidly digitalizing, rather, even fidgetalizationis being changed. In work, it is important to correctly combine online and offline directions. Today’s consumers don’t always have time to shop. Sometimes this is not possible for a number of other reasons (isolation, geography). Cooperation with Vip it – a development companycom Good Style, a multi-brand virtual fitting room, allowed us to make clothes of Belarusian designers more accessible to even more people and at the same time save personal time. The proposed service takes into account all the expectations of a modern consumer.

As for the benefits of implementing virtual fitting, based on the results of our joint work, we noted the following effects:

– audience engagement increased by 30%.

– there is additional traffic to the site.

– the functionality of the virtual fitting room has increased the size of the average bill.

– the conversion “site visitor – buyer” has increased.

– increased customer satisfaction ”.

Good Style is the world’s first digital app, a fusion of physical and digital. This is a multi-brand virtual fitting room that allows the user to see how this or that item from the online store will sit on it using a full-length photo. You can work with your wardrobe without leaving your home: find, try on and buy.

In addition to fitting, the service allows you to create a new wardrobe based on the existing one. Good Style is a feature-rich application, yet easy to use. Even young users will be able to master it in minutes. Kirill Sidorchuk, CEO of Good Style, substantiated the need for the application to enter the fashion and e-commerce market:

“The e-commerce market for the fashion industry is going through challenging times. More precisely, it is adapting to the new realities associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, its consequences for the global economy and consumption trends.

Before development, we conducted an in-depth study of this market. The result was an understanding of the Good Style product. After analyzing the world statistics of the industry, as well as individual components of the path that the buyer takesWhen ordering clothes, shoes and accessories online, we have developed a number of features (functions). They allow solving both the “pains” of the buyer and the problems of the seller. After all, both of them lead to significant financial and time losses on both sides of the process.

Our functionality (virtual fitting) really allows you to sell more. As a result of the research, it turned out that the ability to combine things from catalogs of online stores, try on ready-made images onlinen allows you to increase the size of the average check up to 70% and reduce the number of returns. For our partners, online stores and marketplaces, we provide technological superiority over competitors: their customers get a new online shopping experience.

Requests for the implementation of virtual fitting functionality come from retailers developing online sales not only in the CIS market, but also in foreign markets: Great Britain, USA, Asia.

At the moment, the development team is focused on creating an SDK (software development kit), which will allow you to quickly and without cost from partners embed the functionality of virtual fitting on sites and mobile applications. Until then, you can use the first version of the virtual fitting room functionality in our application. ”

There are many projects operating on the IT market in the Fashion and e-com segment. The Good Style service is fundamentally and technologically different from them. First, users of the application have the ability to combine images on their own. You can use clothes from the same or different online stores. None of the known services provides such an opportunity. There are only ready-made images that you can try on online.

Secondly, the search algorithm is implemented through a neural network. Initially, the developers set themselves the task of creating a tool that would make the process of processing any volume of photographs from catalogs simple and fast. A neural network has become such a tool: it can process several thousand images in an hour.

In the future, virtual and augmented reality technologies will be used – it will be possible to evaluate the image literally from all sides, in 360 ° format. The developers plan to “teach” their program to select clothes in accordance with the characteristics of the figure, physique and preferences of the user, to make it a full-fledged stylist from the virtual world.

The application is available to users. Download from links: Android and IOS

If you are interested in becoming a project partner or want to get advice, send a request for [email protected]

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