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Microsoft introduced a platform for running AI models on edge devices

Microsoft Corp. at the Ignite 2021 conference showed a number of new tools and services for the Azure cloud platform for developers, as well as products for business development.

The company unveiled a new hardware and software platform Azure Percept, which allows developers to run artificial intelligence (AI) models on edge devices

This will allow the use of low-power devices for deploying machine learning algorithms directly at their places of use without connecting to the cloud, for example, monitoring the health of equipment in production, analyzing shelves in a supermarket or recognizing objects.

In its Azure Percept Vision development kit, the company included a small computer, an RGB camera powered by Intel’s Movidius Myrad X machine learning accelerator. There is also a separate Azure Percept Audio system for speech applications. The company plans to expand the list of devices supported by Azure Percept in the near future.

Azure Percept Audio on the left, Trusted Platform Module in the center, and Azure Percept Vision. Data: Microsoft.

Microsoft also opened up access to semantic search in Azure Cognitive Search. The company said its service for building mobile and web applications allows developers to use the same capabilities as search engines such as Bing to provide contextual search in applications.

Semantic search in Azure Cognitive Search uses natural language techniques such as concept matching and synonym search to improve the relevance and ranking of results, and provide a more personalized search experience for users.

Microsoft updates Azure Arc services with which companies can deploy machine learning algorithms to any cluster Kubernetes, cloud or on-premises, and manage apps and models from a single dashboard. According to the company, this will allow companies to save time, ensure safety and meet their regulatory requirements.

For organizations using Microsoft Teams services, the company announced an AI-powered smart speaker for calls that will go on sale later this year. It will be equipped with a set of seven microphones that can detect up to 10 speakers in a Microsoft Teams room. The speaker will use AI to transcribe meetings, including recognizing speakers by voice and attributing them by name, in real time and save them in text format.

Microsoft emphasized that users will be able to turn off attribution for privacy reasons at any time.

Microsoft Teams Intelligence Speaker. Data: Microsoft.

Recall that in July 2020, Microsoft and the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform signed a memorandum of cooperation on the development of blockchain solutions and cloud technologies in the corporate segment of Russia.

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