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Innopolis meets: how is it comfortable for Belarusian startups to enter the Russian market of IT companies

Belarusian IT developers have increased the volume of exports from 0.16 to 3.25% over ten years. Until 2020, it was $ 108 per person, almost twice overtaking the United States and India. However, for a possible entry into the Russian market, Belarusian start-ups lack comfortable business conditions, which not every development institution has. The Innopolis SEZ has created the first assistance program in Tatarstan especially for Belarus.

For the Russian market, Belarusian startups represent a serious competitive potential, despite the fact that domestic IT solutions are firmly entrenched in Russia. At the moment, the volume of the domestic market exceeds 370 billion rubles. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the most controversial economic crisis: while some enterprises are faced with the task of banal survival in the absence of turnover, others have received a unique opportunity to significantly expand their business. The impact of the pandemic on the IT services market is also multidirectional. Some companies were forced to reduce both operating costs for IT and investments, while others, on the contrary, reacted quickly to the situation and converted the processes into “digital”.

However, to successfully enter the Russian market, Belarusian companies lack a presence in Russia with the ability to quickly integrate into the Russian business space.

The special economic zone “Innopolis” in Tatarstan has offered start-ups and IT specialists a special package of bonuses, including not only the support of marketers, lawyers and economists, office space, a 5G network and an unmanned taxi. Founders will have access to services and services that will optimize resources for developing solutions, as well as facilitate business administration processes, in particular, legal and accounting services.

“We admire Belarusian specialists and are ready to provide them with all the conditions for multiple growth in the Russian market. We try to do everything to make startups feel comfortable in Innopolis without regard to unstable economic conditions. The service pack allows you to reduce the costs of founders and allow them to fully concentrate on the development of projects, ”said Vadim Galeev, Deputy Director General of the Innopolis SEZ.

Technopark provides its residents with:

  • two buildings with the ability to work or hold events, with a total area of ​​more than 75 thousand square meters. meters;
  • preferential tax conditions of the special economic zone. For example, the tax on the “income” system will be 1% instead of 5, and the tax on “income-expenses” is only 5% instead of 15;
  • own recruiting center for staff and outsourcing;
  • Innopolis University, specializing in the training of specialists in the field of robotics and IT, a developer of unmanned vehicles;
  • the first bond zone in Russia in partnership with Russian Post;
  • a system for optimizing development and administration processes;
  • low rental cost: $ 900 per month for an office of 100 sq. meters
  • low cost of coworking: $ 13.5 per person per month;

And also access to the services of the partners of the SEZ “Innopolis”.

Read more about the Innopolis SEZ here.

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