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Now in rural areas: A1 and beCloud increased 4G coverage in Mogilev region by 7 times

Provider of telecom, ICT and content services A1 and infrastructure operator beCloud have completed a project to launch 4G communications in the Mogilev region, expanding 4G coverage by almost 7 times. Now high-speed mobile Internet using LTE technology has become available in more than 81% of the region’s territory, where more than 99% of its population lives.

The most significant increase in 4G coverage was in the Glussky region: more than 20 times. The leaders in this indicator also included the Klichevsky district (the 4G coverage area here increased 17 times), Chaussky and Cherikovsky districts (an increase – 15 times), Osipovichsky, Belynichsky and Shklovsky districts (an increase – 13 times). It is their residents who will be able to experience the maximum effect from the deployment of a mobile network using LTE technology. The new 800 MHz band used by beCloud for its network rollout in the region allows it to cover rural areas and highways.

The leaders in terms of territorial coverage are Goretsky, Dribinsky, Krichevsky, Mogilevsky and Shklovsky districts: in each of them more than 90% of the territory is provided with 4G communication. And in Mogilev and Bobruisk districts, 100% of the population got access to communication of the fourth generation.

To place equipment providing 4G coverage in the Mogilev region, beCloud used more than 440 base stations, of which more than half were in the new 800 MHz band. At the same time, the largest number of base stations in the new standard was launched in the Mogilev and Bobruisk regions.

Those A1 subscribers whose SIM-cards and mobile devices support this technology will be able to use 4G communication. You can check the readiness of the device to work in the new network in the “Settings” menu by selecting the appropriate parameters – 3G / 4G or LTE. In this case, a symbol will appear on the screen, which confirms the ability to use the data transfer service in the 4G network.

A1 subscribers can check the 4G support of their SIM card using a free USSD request * 181 #. In response, the operator will send an SMS with the result of checking the smartphone and SIM card. If the SIM card does not support 4G, it can be replaced free of charge at any company store or dealership.

Cooperation between A1 and beCloud companies to expand the 4G coverage area in Belarus has been ongoing since January 2020. beCloud as an infrastructure operator is engaged in the construction, operation and development of a single LTE Advanced network in Belarus. On the A1 side, the partnership is to provide beCloud with its technical infrastructure, as well as a transport network based on hybrid, microwave and fiber-optic communication lines for the installation of infrastructure operator equipment, which ensures the operation of fourth-generation communication.

Mogilev region became the second, where almost universal coverage of the 4G network was provided for A1 subscribers. Earlier, at the end of July 2020, a similar project was carried out in the Gomel region. Currently, the 4G coverage from A1 is 34% of the country’s territory, which is home to 84% of the total population.

In 2021, the joint project of A1 and beCloud will continue in other regions of Belarus. By 2023, the coverage area of ​​the 4G network for A1 subscribers throughout the country will practically be equal to the current coverage area of ​​the A1 3G network, providing access to high-speed mobile Internet 4G to residents of Belarus living in more than 97% of the country’s territory.

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