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“Trend” or “Sideways”?

An interesting topic was raised in the discussion of the March result Sergey Pavlov

I would like to illustrate Dio’s answer with a personal example.

It looks like a “flat”, but my profit for the specified period is double-digit

"Trend" or "outset"?

But, like a “trend”, and the result is a loss

"Trend" or "outset"?
Note. On the last chart, the dates break off on 03.15, because then the trade was “cut out” by the “big saw” filter.

So it’s not all that simple with the definition of “trend” and “sideways”. Indeed, from the anguish of the system, what looks like a “sideways” on a large timeframe is actually a change of several “trends” on a traded timeframe. And the fact that has an obvious non-zero shift over a long period is not always a “trend” on the traded timeframe.

What does this mean? And only that the concept of “trend” and “sideways” cannot be considered without “linking” to the volatility of a certain timeframe, that is, the “ruler” that Dio spoke figuratively about.

And the main thing: It is impossible to make money on the same movements, constantly trading simultaneously the “trend” (with stops) and “countertrend” (with take-profit). If you combine something, then either filters or the size of the “rulers”.

Fidenge Pecold

My profession is a journalist, but my hobby for 8 years has been studying Forex investing and trading. During this time, I managed to gain extensive experience in investing and trading cryptocurrencies and double my capital in the Forex market. To be the author of this magazine, the site owners invited me to participate in one of the 2020 trading webinars, and I will try to reveal the most relevant crypto market news for you.

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