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“Dancing with tambourines” with 3-NDFL or why in the tax agency “curves” of income statements from brokers

When filling out the declaration, one unpleasant thing became clear: only one deduction code can be added to one income code. At the same time, it will not work to add a deduction code for which there is no income, according to the 2-NDFL certificate from the broker.

What to do? Just add the deductions and put them in one. For example, place the amount 201 and 222 under the code 201, the amount 205 (balancing the securities and derivatives on the Central Bank and stock indices) and 206 to 201 (+222) or 206, choosing the one that is not equal to income in the 2-NDFL certificate according to codes 1530 and 1532, respectively, the amount of 206 and 209 (balancing of derivatives to the Central Bank and stock indices with derivatives not to the Central Bank) should be placed at 206 or 207, choosing the one that, in the 2-NDFL certificate, is not equal to income according to codes 1532 and 1535, respectively. This is how these codes are located under each other in the 2-NDFL help.

Now it is clear why the 2-NDFL certificates from brokers are incorrect. The accounting department then carries out deductions according to different codes, and the tax department accepts only one of them for each income.

Therefore, in one certificate from a broker in the Tax Office, I do not have deductions 201 and 209, in another 222 and 205, and only the third certificate, where one deduction code is 201, is correct.

PS Surprisingly, after filling in, the refund amount exceeded by 1 ruble. the amount of overpayment in Zerich, which arose due to the non-balancing of the Central Bank and derivatives on the Central Bank and stock indices when withdrawing funds in the summer of 2020. I checked, it was calculated correctly, and the reason is rounding the amount of personal income tax from different brokers.

Fidenge Pecold

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