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Scientists have developed a game to show the risks of emotion recognition by artificial intelligence

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have created an online game Emojify, which demonstrates the capabilities of technologies for recognizing human emotions. With its help, scientists hope to raise awareness of the technology and promote widespread discussion of its use, writes The Guardian.

The first game demonstrates the ability to recognize emotions using a computer’s webcam. The user can portray such emotions as happiness, anger or disgust, and the system will try to guess them.

Another game shows the limitations of such systems to recognize the context in images.

Demonstration of AI-powered emotion recognition technology. Data: University of Cambridge.

Dr. Alexa Hagerty, project leader and researcher at the University of Cambridge, said their goal is to raise awareness of the technology’s capabilities and limitations.

“It’s a form of facial recognition, but more advanced because it doesn’t just identify people, but reads emotions, inner feelings from our faces,” Hagerty said.

The technology is used around the world for a variety of purposes, from customer service assessment to airport security, she said. Hagerty also noted that while emotion recognition has benefits across multiple domains, threats such as accuracy, bias, and ethics should be considered in its design and use.

Recall that at the end of January 2021, the human rights organization Amnesty International called for a ban on face recognition in public places. According to representatives of the organization, biometric identification of people using street surveillance cameras is a gross interference in the privacy of citizens.

In February, the Minneapolis City Council banned police officers from using the tool. Similar restrictions were imposed in Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Boston.

In early 2019, a black American spent ten days in jail due to an error in the facial recognition system. The man intends to sue the local police department.

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