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We analyze business cases live! Connect on April 15 at 19:00


April 15 at 19:00 – a new release of our project “Working Group”! On the air, we analyze the real cases of companies – and we are sure that you can recognize yourself in their “pains”.

The organizers of the project – “Pro business” together with Pro Retail

General partner of the spring editions of the project – Alfa-Bank (Belarus)

The Working Group project is a series of live broadcasts about business, where we are looking for answers to acute and painful questions. The hosts of the project, Vitaly Volianyuk and Evgeny Vyatkin, invite experts to the studio – business owners and top managers who have something to share. In the new spring season, live broadcasts have become even more relevant – now in each episode we are together with experts we analyze real companies’ cases and generate ideas on how to help them.

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What cases will we analyze live on April 15

Case 1 – two projects that need to scale up. Furniture company Stabile creates B2B solutions, while Furniture Guru operates in the B2C market. The founder of these companies, Sergei Vitkovsky, is looking for an answer – how to reach customers in both segments and increase the volume of business? With what questions will he come to the experts of the “Working Group”:

  • What to focus on – B2B or B2C – or try to cover everything at once?
  • How to define your target audience and reach it? How to reach large B2B clients and clients from foreign markets?
  • What KPIs to set for employees and how to entice the best specialists from competitors?

Case 2 is a “local” online school that wants to become international. School “First Swallow” prepares women for motherhood. She has been working for 3.5 years, from April 2020 – online. Business owner Victoria Matvienko has one main question – how to scale the project to the entire Russian-speaking market?

  • How to build a product line?
  • How to promote courses and what to do if the topics of selling webinars are exhausted?
  • How promising is the niche of online courses for pregnant women?

Case 3 – A “crashed” business in a pandemic-stricken industry. The Studio Otdykha company has been in the tourist services market for over 8 years. Its founder and leader, Konstantin Karachentsev, achieved a lot, but in 2020 everything collapsed – like everyone who was involved in tourism. The company is now starting from scratch in many ways. And these are the questions our hero asks:

  • How to increase sales now at least three times in order to restore business volumes?
  • How to develop in the direction of domestic tourism?
  • How to attract affordable financing for business development?

Answers from our experts, lively discussion and frank details about the business – all this will be live on April 15!

How to become a member of the “Working Group”?

You can become a participant of the next live broadcast! Describe the issue of your business that you would like to analyze together with our experts. Send it to [email protected] marked “Working group”. We will invite the authors of the most interesting questions to the studio and analyze your case together with speakers and presenters.

See you on April 15 at the “Working Group”! We start at exactly 19:00.

Partner of the spring editions of the “Working Group”

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