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Rostec offers the military to use AI to produce aircraft

Russia intends to introduce machine learning into the production and operation of military aircraft. Such a proposal was made by RT-Techpriemka, a subsidiary of Rostec, and the flight safety service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the press service of Rostec writes.

To create a platform, the company’s specialists will collect and digitize all possible production information, including production volumes, parameters of technological processes, the speed and quality of processing complaint events.

Based on this data, the “smart” system will be able to study production processes, calculate their optimal parameters and issue recommendations to the human operator.

“To achieve maximum accuracy, its [модель] it is necessary to train in several stages, adding or removing some datasets. The final product should be a web service or a mobile application with a user-friendly interface, ”said Vladlen Shorin, Director General of RT-Techpriemka JSC.

The introduction of advanced machine learning will minimize safety risks when designing equipment based on predictive analysis, believe in Rostec.

For example, even at the stage of aircraft assembly, the algorithm can identify a potential defect that can lead to equipment failure during the operation of the aircraft. This will enable engineers to detect potential threats and eliminate them proactively.

“The availability of objective and complete information on the root causes of possible failures of aviation equipment at the level of technological processes will help prevent more serious events,” said Sergei Bainetov, Head of the Aviation Safety Service of the RF Armed Forces.

We will remind, earlier the Association of Lawyers of Russia proposed to government agencies to regulate the use of AI in the country.

At the end of March 2021, the Pentagon called on to expand the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes, so as “not to lose to competitors.”

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