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Ukrainian MP spoke about the loss of access to a wallet with 400 BTC

Ukrainian officials, who have declared cryptocurrencies worth billions of hryvnias, “simply have no idea what kind of trouble they got into.” This was stated by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada David Arakhamia on the air “Ukraine 24”.

“I think that within a year and a half, dozens of criminal cases can be expected, since they [чиновникам] fail to prove [происхождение криптовалют]”, – he said.

Arahamia noted that it is easy to verify the specified data, since “Bitcoin is a very transparent currency, and the blockchain is visible to the whole world.”

The deputy himself also previously had bitcoins. While still an entrepreneur, his company began accepting cryptocurrency “when bitcoin first appeared.”

“I have lost 400 VTS. At the time, Bitcoin’s security system was one code word to know. I erased the encrypted section on the disk where it was written. Now this is a terrible amount, I don’t even want to think about it, ”he said.

Earlier, Arahamia said that for a long time he did not monitor the amount of bitcoins in his wallet. However, in 2017, when the cryptocurrency reached around $ 20,000, he decided to sell the coins, but he could not do this due to the loss of access to the wallet.

According to him, he stored the wallet key on a PGP disk:

“On a previous MacBook, my disk space was full and the PGP disk was encrypted and renamed Dotchka.avi as a movie just in case. And when the disk was full, I sorted all the files, saw a bunch of movies and deleted them. ”

Recall that in their declarations for 2020, Ukrainian officials indicated a total of over 46,000 MTC.

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption of Ukraine announced that it would check the declared cryptocurrency.

The deputy of the Dnieper City Council Vyacheslav Mishalov, who declared 18,000 BTC, has already called the indicated data erroneous.

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