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Leonid Volkov: the court ban did not affect the bitcoin wallets of Navalny’s headquarters


* FBK is listed in the Russian register of “foreign agents”. We indicate this at the request of the authorities.

The decision of the Moscow City Court of April 27 to ban the use of bank accounts for the work of FBK * and the headquarters of Alexei Navalny does not apply to the organization’s cryptocurrency wallets. Public figure Leonid Volkov said this in a comment to ForkLog.

“The ban on the court has not touched and cannot affect bitcoin wallets. And we do not believe that it can somehow be further extended to them. And even if it is distributed, we will not give a damn about it, ”Volkov stressed.

On April 16, the Moscow prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit recognizing FBK * and Navalny’s headquarters as extremist organizations. During a closed session on April 27, the Moscow City Court, as an interim measure in the lawsuit, imposed on organizations a ban on certain actions, including disseminating information about themselves in the media, participating in elections and referendums, organizing public events and using bank accounts with the exception of paying taxes.

The next hearing on the case will take place on April 29.

Recognition of FBK * and Navalny’s headquarters as extremist organizations would mean a ban on their symbols and administrative responsibility for their demonstration, a ban on any banking activity, as well as criminal liability for financing organizations. Messages about them in the media will have to be marked with an indication of the recognition of the organizations as extremist.

Since the day of the uncoordinated protest on April 21, more than 0.107 BTC (over $ 5890 at the time of writing) has been received on the organization’s bitcoin wallet.

Earlier, ForkLog reported that in the first three days after the return of Alexei Navalny to Russia, 1.16 BTC was transferred to the bitcoin wallet of his headquarters. Another 3.5 BTC was received during the protests on January 23.

On the day of the court hearing on the replacement of the suspended sentence by Navalny with the real amount of donations, it was 0.078 BTC.

Leonid Volkov explained the growing revenues by “correlation with political events.”

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