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There are fewer devices, but more benefits – why a business needs a Smart-checkout and how to choose it

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

To accept payments, a business needs a cash register with CCCO, a terminal for card transactions, and a printer for printing receipts. All these devices need to be bought, paid for monthly maintenance, issued and set up … But you can save yourself the trouble by choosing a Smart Checkout, which will combine everything you need to legally and conveniently accept payments. We figure out why you need such a device and how to connect it.

You are reading partner material from A1. In the “Technologies of the First” project, we show how business becomes modern, technological and innovative with A1 technologies.

What is Smart Checkout?

Smart checkout is a compact Android OS device with a preinstalled software checkout that allows businesses to accept payments. It combines the functions of a full-fledged cash register with a touchscreen display, a printer for printing checks and an integrated bank terminal for accepting payments by cards of all types, as well as using smart watches and other devices.

For the Smart-cash register to work, it is necessary to register the SKO (operator control means) with the RUE “Information and Publishing Center for Taxes and Duties” Despite the fact that the Smart-checkout can work up to 7 days without the Internet for accepting cash payments, in order for it to work always and everywhere for all types of payments, software updates are installed automatically, you need to connect the Smart-checkout to the mobile Internet from A1. Smart-checkout can also be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

To accept payments by bank cards, you must conclude an acquiring agreement (the possibility of accepting payments by cards) with a suitable bank. At the same time, the device is immediately equipped with SKO – this is a legitimate alternative to SKKO (cash register equipment control system), in which there is no need to pay a collateral value of 130 rubles. Thanks to this, the terminal not only accepts payments, but also immediately fiscalizes them.

Which business needs a Smart Checkout?

It is useful for entrepreneurs and companies looking for compact and modern solutions for accepting payments. For example, it will be relevant for organizations from the field of trade, including e-commerce – if buyers make a lot of payments. And especially for delivery services, because it is important for couriers to be mobile and carry compact devices with them.

The device will also be useful for catering establishments, coffee houses, bakeries (except for facilities that provide for serving the consumer at a table and issue an invoice).

Also for the service sector, the device is simply irreplaceable – compact, simple and multifunctional.

How to choose a Smart Checkout?

Devices are divided into two types – “2 in 1” and “3 in 1” (both options are available for purchase in A1):

  • 2 in 1: cash register + receipt printer. Such a cash desk is suitable for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have a POS or mPOS terminal for accepting bank cards. You can make non-cash payments using your POS or mPOS terminal, and accept cash and print a check using a Smart Checkout.
  • 3 in 1: cash register + printer for checks + bank terminal for accepting non-cash payments by all types of cards and devices. This POS terminal provides wider functionality and allows you to do without additional equipment.

Why is a Smart checkout more profitable than a cash register?

1. It is easy to use – you can deal with the device in a couple of minutes. The device is compact and mobile – it is easy to carry with couriers and sellers.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

2. Multifunctional – it allows you not only to perform standard tasks for accepting payments, but has many additional capabilities. For example:

  • Viewing the number of cash documents not sent to the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection
  • Adding and excluding users (cashiers, administrators) and assigning rights to them
  • Viewing and generating X- and Z-reports
  • Work offline (up to 7 days) with fiscalization of receipts and storage of up to 4000 cash documents in memory
  • Sending a copy of the receipt to the buyer’s e-mail.

Each Smart-checkout user has access to a user’s personal account, which stores information on all transactions, receipts, reports, analytics for each outlet, turnover, etc.

Smart checkout users can also integrate with 1C products, and PAX A930 checkout users have access to their own inventory accounting system.

3. Safe to use. The device provides offline data storage – i.e. information is protected from viruses and cyber threats. And the data arriving at the SKKO is transmitted via the mobile Internet in an encrypted form. The safety of the software cash system is confirmed by a certificate of conformity within the framework of attestation of the information security system, the object of assessment of which included the AIS PKS (automated information system of the software cash system) and a PC (software cash register).

4. You can buy in installments. Smart-checkout can be purchased in installments up to 24 months without an initial payment. The amount of monthly contributions – from 16 BYN. rub.

By the way, it is more profitable to buy a Smart-checkout than all the necessary devices separately. A set of a fiscal printer, a simple push-button cash register and a POS terminal will cost approximately 1200 Bel. rub. and will only provide the ability to accept payments and print receipts, without any additional functions. It is also necessary to connect SKKO (collateral value of 130 rubles), it is imperative to conclude an agreement with a technical service center (technical service center) with a monthly payment. In addition, monthly payments for information services in the RUE “Information and Publishing Center for Taxes and Levies” with Smart-cash register are 5 rubles. (and with a regular one – 9.6 rubles).

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

The cost of Smart-cash desk is much lower (for example, in A1 it can be purchased at a price of 999 BYN – including by installments for 11 or 24 months).

What you need to know before connecting Smart-checkout to A1?

1. Registration of the service in A1 will take no more than half an hour. You do not need to handle documents in several instances and pay the collateral value for the SKKO. All you need is to come to one of the A1 offices with a package of documents (to be filled out online) and, after registering the DIS (which is carried out by the PC operator independently), to receive a ready-made cash register solution.

2. Smart-cash desk greatly facilitates the preparation of financial statements. Information about the transactions performed is automatically sent to the data center of the cash register control system. All documentation is stored in the personal account of the Smart-cash register user: receipts, reports, analytics and data on the turnover for each outlet, and much more.

3. The device needs mobile internet to send data and download updates on a regular basis. Smart-checkout is issued for tariff plans of the Business Anlim line, which include at least 2 GB of Internet traffic per month. After it is spent, unlimited is turned on at a reduced speed of 512 kbps (this is more than enough to perform cash transactions). The cost of the tariff plan is from 8.21 BYN. rub.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

4. Without mobile internet Smart-checkout can work up to 7 days or until the limit of 4000 transactions is exhausted. But it is important to take into account that only cash transactions can be carried out offline. To pay with cards (as well as at any bank terminal), you need access to the Internet.

All data for the offline period will be sent upon the first connection to the Network – then all information on operations will be transferred to the SCCO data center.

5. You can choose the bank for service yourself. Acquiring can be connected after purchasing Smart-checkout. In this case, you need to contact the selected bank yourself. To conclude an acquiring agreement for a Smart-cash register, it is not at all necessary to have an account with an acquiring bank, the money will be credited to your current current account.

For example, banks are available for the PAX A930 Smart-cash register: Belarusbank, BelVEB, Belinvestbank and Belgazprombank. And for Smart-cash desk SUNMI P1 – BelVEB, MTBank, Belgazprombank and Belarusbank.

6. Smart checkout does not require regular maintenance. There is no need to conclude a contract with the Central Service Center for monthly maintenance. Smart cash register, including SKO, software cash register application and banking software, is configured once before starting work. Further, all updates occur automatically when connected to the Internet. Consultation on the use of Smart-cash register in A1 is carried out online. You only need to contact the technical service center once in case of physical breakdown of the device.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

7. You do not need to keep records of Smart-checkout transactions. No need to store receipts and keep a cash book. All documents and reports are stored in the personal account of the Smart-cash register user, the entrance to which is available both by EDS and by UNP and password from any device and browser.

8. Any commodity accounting system can be integrated with Smart Checkout. For users of the Smart-checkout PAX A930, its own basic inventory accounting system has been developed, which is available to each user in his personal account. You can upload goods and services, split them into sections, set their quantity, cost, VAT rate, etc. The cost of using the goods accounting system is already included in the monthly payment for the services of the PKS operator – this means that you do not need to pay extra for it.

9. Smart checkout integrates with 1C and other systems. Moreover, for some models, a ready-made module has been developed that can be purchased and integrated independently or with the help of specialists.

10. Smart-cashier does not need to be registered with BelGISS. We use certified software that can be installed on any device based on Android, Linux and Windows. Therefore, there is no need to register a cash register in BelGISS as a regular SKA, and accordingly, its service life is not limited – as well as the period of certification of the device in Belarus.

Where can I buy Smart Checkout?

Smart checkout can be bought at A1 offices, and the service can also be ordered in an online store with delivery throughout Belarus.

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