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30 new ways to make your website stand out

Over the past year, domain registration has opened in Belarus in 30 new zones… Let’s take a look at the most interesting of them and tell you how to make your site address memorable, and at the same time stand out among hundreds of thousands of Bynet’s web resources.

Domain benefits .design obvious – you immediately show visitors the scope of your business. From personal portfolios to large e-commerce sites, from web development to fashion and interiors, .design will help you make a name for yourself. Belarusian companies that have already appreciated the advantages of this domain:,

.rest use restaurant websites in 48 languages ​​in 139 countries. The industry is going through hard times right now, but we know it won’t be forever.

You can join the professional community using the domain zone .ceo… Such a domain can be a good investment in a personal brand or PR of the company’s top officials. More than 3500 managers all over the world have already started a website in this domain.

Did you know that even planet Earth has its own domain? Zone .earth appeared in 2015 and is still actively used by initiatives related to environmental protection. The domain is also used by such unusual projects as, whose main task is to demonstrate the concepts of cyclicity, equality and renewable technologies through design and fashion. An excellent domain for international initiatives.

Domain .world will open up the whole world to your clients. It is created for those who offer not just products and services, but an experience. The registry of this domain zone recommends registering .world for online shops, fan sites, blogs, travel agencies and anyone who does not like narrow frames.

Oddly enough, the domain .moe invented not for personal pages that say “it’s mine.” The word “moe” is rooted in Japanese culture and means “charming” and “cute”. But nothing prevents you from using consonance in a memorable site for a Russian-speaking audience.

Coronavirus and telecommuting have accelerated online teamwork solutions. Domain .team ideal not only for developers of such products, but also for corporate portals, internal resources and anyone who wants to show their team.

More and more people are abandoning traditional teaching methods and going online in search of new knowledge, skills and inspiration. Domain .study created for any educational project. From an international conference site to an FAQ section, the .study domain is the right choice. The training project was created in this domain zone, and the name of the site immediately informs the topic of the project.

“A domain has long ceased to be just a name for a site. This is both an investment, and one of the ways to promote, and a field for creativity. There are more than 1,500 domain zones in the world that help to stand out among many sites, show the topic of the resource, uniquely determine the target audience of visitors and allow you to find a free beautiful domain, – comments Sergey Povalishev, CEO of – Domains in more than 700 zones are available for registration at We are the only ICANN-accredited registrar in the country and we directly register domains in international domain zone registries. Therefore, you will receive the coveted domain without intermediaries in the form of other organizations. “

Benefits of subject domains

International thematic domain zones come to the rescue if the desired name in the .BY zone is already taken. But they have a whole host of other advantages:

1. Memorability. Users are more likely to remember sites with simple or moderately creative URLs.

2. Associations. There is nothing clearer than a design studio with a .design website or a landing page with a sale in the .sale domain zone.

3. Marketing tasks. For sales, promotions or launching a new product on the market, Internet pages that can be promoted using a separate “speaking” domain are very useful. Synonymous domains in Cyrillic are perfectly readable and remembered on billboards and printed media.

4. SEO bonuses. The key query in the name of the site is one of the important factors for ranking by search engines. All other things being equal, they will bring up the resource in the search that contains the relevant keyword in the title.

5. Availability. There are many international zones, so sometimes it is easier to find an interesting and still unused name here.

For registration through the website, more than 30 new domain zones have become available to Belarusian users: .design, .best, .news, .studio, .store, .online, .tech, .cam, .rest, .uno, .website, .pw, .academy, .band, .click, .discount, .earth, .help, .moe, .one, .review, .sale, .stream, .study, .style, .team, .tools, .world , .ceo, .fans, .fun. Even more domains are available on the registrar’s website.

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