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The British accused the government AI of racism due to errors in the identification of faces

Black activist Joris Lechen said the passport photo he provided was rejected by a UK government website because artificial intelligence failed to recognize its “melanistic appeal.”


Automation is never diversity-friendly. #LearnOnTikTok #diversity #technology #artificialintelligence #ukcitizen #bias

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The man claims that the image complies with all the rules of the application guidelines.

“But this photo was rejected because the artificial intelligence software was not designed for people of my phenotype,” he said.

Lechen shared a screenshot of the photo he sent. It depicts a young man in a black T-shirt with a closed mouth on a contrasting gray background.

However, the government website rejected the photo because its “mouth could be open” and “the image and background are difficult to distinguish from each other.”

“[Программное обеспечение] is often mistaken due to the fact that the hair does not fall on the face, and for some reason takes it for the background. And he has a habit of thinking that people like me walk with their mouths open, ”added Lechen.

Recall that in early April, the face detection algorithms of the Proctorio program, which ensures that students do not cheat on exams, were accused of bias towards black users.

In early 2019, an African American spent ten days in jail due to a facial recognition error. The man intends to sue the local police for groundless arrest.

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