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DoNotPay startup has developed a tool to protect photos from face recognition

DoNotPay, a startup that develops chatbots for legal services, has created a Photo Ninja tool to protect photos from reverse image searches on the Internet. Writes about this The Verge.

Photo Ninja adds a layer of subtle changes to the user’s photo, which fundamentally distorts the perception of the picture by face recognition algorithms.

According to DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder, the image protected by the tool gives zero results when searched by image on Google or TinEye.

Google image search result before using Photo Ninja. Data: DoNotPay
Search results after processing the photo with the Photo Ninja tool. Data: DoNotPay

Photo Ninja can also cheat facial recognition technologies from Microsoft and Amazon “with a 99% chance.”

According to the developers, users will be able to safely post processed photos on social networks and on dating sites without fear that this image will be linked to other information about them on the Internet.

However, Browder emphasized that Photo Ninja cannot bypass all existing face recognition systems. For example, the company does not guarantee that the tool will fool Clearview AI, which has already amassed a huge database of social media images.

Photo Ninja is available to all users of the DoNotPay service. The subscription price is $ 36 per year.

Earlier, a US senator proposed to ban the use of Clearview AI without a court order.

In April 2021, a group of 70 American human rights organizations called on Biden to stop using Clearview AI.

In March, activists filed a lawsuit in a California court to ban the company’s activities in the state.

We will remind, in January the human rights organization Amnesty International demanded to stop using facial recognition in public places. The organization believes that biometric identification of people using street surveillance cameras is a gross interference in the privacy of citizens.

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