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“Difficult” business: stories of entrepreneurs who plowed for results


On Labor Day, they collected several stories of entrepreneurs to whom business was given in blood and sweat. How to find the strength to work at your limit and achieve your goals no matter what – in the stories of our heroes.

Natalia Khazova and Anna Taranina from Astrakhan wanted to launch their own cosmetics brand. But in the process of developing products, they suddenly realized that they had invented a completely new product – “green salt”. The girls directed their energy to the production of their discovery and equipped their own workshop.

Photo courtesy of the authors
Photo courtesy of the authors

There was no reason to believe that we would succeed. In the first months, they left the shop sometimes at one in the morning, and arrived at 7 in the morning. And so almost every day. We worked for 3-4 months literally from dusk to dawn, each for two men. The work in such a workshop is very difficult physically, and besides, we still could not afford all the necessary equipment. Therefore, we had to get out, to the extent that we ourselves knock together the boxes. Everything was on our fragile shoulders“, – the girls shared.

After a series of trials and hundreds of hours of hard work, Anna and Natalya were still able to launch a new product on the market – healthy salt, which is intended exclusively for ready-made meals.

About how much effort it cost them and what it brought in the end – in our material.

Valentina Degtyareva worked as deputy director for educational work at the school, but decided to quit because the education system contradicted its principles. The girl became a teacher at “SOS – Children’s Village Borovlyany”, where she was seriously carried away by the topic of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of the author
Photo courtesy of the author

Valentina decided to open a body shaping studio to help girls “get in shape”. But starting a business was not easy for her: “It was necessary to purchase equipment and launch advertising, create an Instagram profile, come up with a new brand, purchase cosmetics and supplies. Everything was given to me with blood and sweat, I did not sleep, did not eat, I solved numerous questions and problems“.

On the way, the girl was irresponsible suppliers, disagreements with a partner and other ordeals. But she did not give up and was able to launch her project exactly as she imagined.

Valentina told about her experience in the material at the link.

Anna Pashkova really wanted to bring jewelry from Spain to Russia. At first, the girl was looking for a broker to buy goods from him, but she could not agree with anyone. I had to look for a way to bring the excise goods to the country on my own. And, according to Anna, it was like going through all the circles of hell.

Anna Pashkova.  Photo: personal archive
Anna Pashkova. Photo: personal archive

Excise customs is a separate world altogether! At the preliminary inspection of the goods, it was necessary to open the individual packaging of each unit, weigh and describe. It just takes a huge amount of time! Sitting for the second day with one box of jewelry in a room with cameras and iron bars, I even envied the neighbors who were weighing the stamping. They just dumped bags of hundreds of jewelry on the scales, and then shoved the whole pile back. And I neatly laid out everything in individual packages with an article number“- Anna recalled.

When the girl finally managed to deliver jewelry to the country and open a showroom, a pandemic broke out. The store worked for only 5 days. Anna was not taken aback and refocused on online sales.

How not to give up and pave the way for your business – in our material.

A married couple Anastasia Krupinina and Leonid Badin run the TeaArtStudio Creative Tea Workshop. In recent years, their business has grown dramatically: visiting master classes and events have appeared. But at the start, each client had to be won with great difficulty.

Anastasia Krupinina and Leonid Badin.  Photo courtesy of the author
Anastasia Krupinina and Leonid Badin. Photo courtesy of the author

At the very beginning, when we were just recruiting groups, it became an unpleasant discovery for us that people can sign up for a master class in a group and not come! And do not even warn about it in advance. It turned out that this is not uncommon. For example, 10 people signed up for a lesson – two came, and I brought a heavy backpack with wooden blanks and other materials for ten people.

There were unpleasant situations when we, on our customers’ word of honor, before the receipt of payment and without a letter of guarantee or a contract, started preparation. They ordered something, rushed to Moscow, if they were outside the city, and at the last moment it turned out that the customers had changed plans“, – Anastasia shared.

How the project managed to get on its feet and even successfully survive the pandemic – in our material.

Anastasia Tulskaya from St. Petersburg tried to build a successful business 6 times. She sold popcorn, opened a cosmetics store with her friend, then a sausage department in her mother’s store. I twice tried my hand at catering, but neither the pastry shop nor the beer pub became successful projects either. After another failure in business, Anastasia survived a divorce and for a while plunged into a hobby – she took up handmade and sold figurines from banknotes.

Anastasia Tulskaya.  Photo: personal archive
Anastasia Tulskaya. Photo: personal archive

It was thanks to needlework that the girl got acquainted with the profession of a marketer and became interested in blogging. Launched a YouTube channel and began to actively maintain accounts in social networks. The last attempt to open a business was a hostel – his girlfriend launched it, completely destroying her own apartment.

“I was pregnant, I slept with my stomach in a closet on a mattress, hunched over and unable to turn around. Then I realized that I won’t last long ”, – Anastasia recalled her experience.

Then the girl sold her project and went to live in Spain. I decided to make money by consulting on marketing and blogging income.

Anastasia told the story of trials and failures, and then sweet victories in the material.

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