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Co-Founder Meizu’s Startup Announces NFT Wireless Keyboard

The Chinese company Angry Miao has announced the release of the AM HATSU wireless ergonomic split keyboard, which will be sold in NFT form. The price of the device will be $ 1600.

According to the developer, the futuristic design of the AM HATSU can significantly reduce the stress on all parts of the arm:

“The split in two reduces stress on the shoulders, the curved metal surface prevents unnatural flexing in the wrists, and the unconventional 4 × 6 key layout reduces repetitive finger fatigue.”

Data: Angry Miao.

The device is still under development and will go on sale in six months. The first batch is planned to be limited to 100 units.

Now the right to purchase the keyboard is presented in the form of NFT on the OpenSea marketplace. After making a deposit and paying the remaining balance, the buyer will be able to get a physical copy of AM HATSU through the Angry Miao official website.

You can also resell the right to receive a keyboard in the form of NFT.

Angry Miao startup was founded in 2019 by one of the co-founders and former vice president of Meizu Li Nan.

ForkLog previously reported that the Larva Labs development team known for CryptoPunks has launched a new NFT project called Meebits.

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