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A 7-page resume is tough. How to sell yourself to an employer after 40


Many people complain – they say, after 45 employees are no longer needed by anyone, even if they are qualified and competent. But perhaps it’s not age, but the ability to present yourself to employers? We discussed this with Oleg Afanasyev and Nikolai Inyakhin, founders of the Interim Business Association (USA, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

Together with the Interim Business Association, we continue the rubric “Managing the company in times of change”. This section is published weekly on Wednesday. In them you will find useful information and practical advice on management.

You can find out if your company needs help in organizing more effective management right now using express diagnostics through a special bot or by going through diagnostics on the website.

“I died 3 years ago” – what 40+ candidates face in interviews

– Once we came across a post on LinkedIn with a catchy headline “I am dead.” In it, a 48-year-old man shared how he tried to get a job.

Oleg Afanasyev Founder of the Interim Business Association
Oleg Afanasiev
Founder of the international organization of interim managers Interim Business Association
Nikolay Inyakhin, founder of Interim Management Group, co-founder and head of the Board of the international organization of interim managers Interim Business Association.
Nikolay Inyakhin
Co-founder of the international organization of interim managers Interim Business Association

And the very tone of the note shocked:

… I died three years ago. You know, as in the films, you are already in the grave, and the soul, not realizing this fact, ran about its business.

Just three years ago, I was 45, and I did not take this fact as a wake-up call. I know so much, I can, and most importantly – I can!

Calm down, you can’t do anything. The system buried you long ago and on the sly. There is no life after 45.After 45, you are automatically kicked out of all lists. Thrown out forever, just without even reading your resume! You are no more. There are no achievements and successes of yours.

I am on earth for the first and last time, I will not return and I will not rise again. But I challenge the system! Yesterday I lied on my resume and indicated the age of 38. Received 18 calls in one day. A world of funny and scary templates. A world of wretched people taking templates“.

It is written penetratingly. And the problem is really acute. It is still relevant, despite the fact that society is gradually coming to understand that life does not end at 40.

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7 pages of resumes listing jobs – this is what gives 40-year-olds out

For the sake of interest, we began to look through some resumes of our friends aged 40+. One was six pages long, the other seven. I read both resumes to the end and caught myself thinking that they were like a work book. The only thing missing was the seals.


Put yourself in the shoes of a human resources specialist and try to sell yourself these candidates with such resumes. We didn’t succeed. There is a lot of unnecessary information, but the most important thing needs to be highlighted. To do this, you will have to spend a lot of time.

Why would HR waste resources if there is only 2-3 pages of resume on the table? It is from them that he will choose the candidate.And in this situation, we are on the side of HR. Why strain where you can not?

At the same time, we knew perfectly well that both of our acquaintances with gigantic resumes are tough specialists in their field and have done a lot in their careers in different companies. But their resume, made according to a template that HR-ry themselves came up with, hid it.

For the purity of the experiment, we compared the resume of 2-3 pages with the resume of our acquaintances. Indeed, it is more convenient and easier for a HR specialist to work with a short resume.

How to write a 40+ resume so HR will fight for the chance to hire you?

Let’s answer this question using the example of filling out a template resume from the website.

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

Male, 42, born April 23, 1979
+375 (29) 196 … – preferred method of communication [email protected]
Skype: ivanov

Important! The photo in the resume should be “fresh” (not five years ago), in a business style and without strong Photoshop. So that the HR specialist recognizes you immediately.

Residence: Minsk
Citizenship: Belarus.
Ready to move: Other regions, ready to travel

Desired position and salary
Director (commercial director)
Top management
• Small business management • Transport, Logistics
• Procurement management

Employment: full time
Work schedule: full̆ day
Desired travel time to work: Doesn’t matter

Work experience – 19 years 5 months – this point is key for HR to want to hire you. After 40+ CV is an exhibition of your achievements and victories.

1. Launched an official importer … on the territory of Belarus.
2. Developed a distribution network … in Belarus.
3. Created a wholesale network for the sale … on the territory of Ukraine.
4. Reorganized the management system of the diversified holding.
5. Introduced 7 trade marks and more than 50 new products for the company to the market …
6. Formed an analytics system based on 1C8.
7. Created a successful national brand and brought it to the CIS markets.
8. Launched a selling call-center for a group of companies.
9. The best brand distributor … in Eastern Europe for three years.

If you have experience in several areas, emphasize this when filling out the Work Experience section. Just differentiate your accomplishments by area of ​​activity. For example:



This will simplify the work of a personnel specialist and allow him to quickly form the correct idea about you.

Advanced training courses
Institute of Business Technology

Knowledge of languages. Skills
Russian – native
English A1 – Beginner

key skills at this point we indicate your skills, with the help of which you achieved success in your work.

Life hack! You can get them from your LinkedIn page, if you have one.

1. Personnel management.
2. Project management.
3. Change management.
4. Sales management.
5. Team management.
6. Negotiating.
7. Business planning.
8. Startups.
9. Optimization of business processes.

Foreign economic activity
1C: Trade and warehouse

Additional Information

About methis paragraph should open you up as a person, but at the same time not overload the person who will read with information.

Purposeful, stress-resistant, energetic, flexible. I have analytical skills and systems thinking. Communicable. Team player. I am fond of swimming and reading books. Friends consider me the life of the party.

Recommendations on demand.

We did it in two pages. At the same time, they talked about all their achievements and focused on key skills.

A smart HR will not miss such a resume, because it fully reveals the profile and competencies. All that remains is to invite for an interview and then, if necessary, request recommendations.

In conclusion. At 40+, the job finds candidates who have something to be proud of. If you are, then fill out your resume correctly and send it to the company that interests you. And for HR, such a candidate is an opportunity not only to close a vacancy, but also to quickly get the planned result from a new employee. After all, you have hired an experienced professional.

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