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ARM pioneer: Nvidia intends to fight unfair

One of the creators of the ARM microprocessor architecture Hermann Hauser has criticized Nvidia’s plans to acquire a semiconductor developer. He believes that if the deal is closed, the company will begin to conduct an unfair fight, writes The Telegraph.

Hauser was worried about the proprietary technology of connecting GPUs to the Nvidia Grace CPU via NVLink, which supposedly provides data transfer speeds of up to 900 GB / s. This is significantly higher than other computer buses. The technology is available exclusively for Nvidia products.

He believes that using NVLink can tie Grace users to other products from the company.

“Nvidia is set to unfairly compete with other ARM-based server manufacturers such as Amazon and Fujitsu, rather than remain neutral,” he added.

Nvidia replied that Hauser “does not understand what Grace is for.”

“We worked on Grace using off-the-shelf technology available to all licensees long before we agreed to acquire ARM,” the company said.

Nvidia representatives did not comment on the criticism of NVLink technology, which alarmed Hauser.

In September 2020, Nvidia announced the purchase of the ARM processor developer from Japan’s Softbank. The deal was opposed by Qualcomm, Google and Microsoft over fears that the new owner would offer unfavorable terms.

In April 2021, the UK government intervened in a $ 40 billion deal between Nvidia and ARM due to “national security concerns.” Against the background of the proceedings, the experts came to the conclusion that the chances of closing the deal do not exceed 10%.

Recall that in mid-April, Nvidia unveiled its first ARM-based central processor, which is designed for supercomputers and “giant AI”.

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