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CryptoPunks project creators have released a new NFT collection

The Larva Labs development team known from CryptoPunks has launched a new project in the field of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called Meebits.

Meebits are 3D pixel avatars that can be used in virtual worlds, games, and VR. In this they differ from CryptoPunks, created in 2D format in the form of 8-bit pixels.

The collection will include characters with algorithmically generated autoglyph style tattoos. For each avatar, Larva Labs has provided a “T” version for use in any game or virtual world that supports them. Owners will be able to revive the purchased Meebits.

“Writing a generator voxel characters proved to be more difficult. We’ve been tinkering with this for several years and are proud of the result. “– said Larva Labs founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson.

After creating all 20,000 Meebits, the command will place a file with their hash in the IPFS.

Meebits were distributed through community grant and sales. The first involves a free replacement for a random Meebit in exchange for Autoglyph and CryptoPunk. The latter will change to the “used” status after receiving the 3D pixel avatar.

“We find it exciting to be able to trade Meebits with each other. It reminds us of childhood, when money rarely participated in transactions. New features and analysis tools are coming in the coming weeks. They will make trading more convenient “, – wrote the creators of the project.

Based on the results of NFT sales, the team raised about $ 79.5 million (24,000 ETH). Tokensale lasted almost 6.5 hours. The most expensive copy cost the buyer $ 1 million (303 ETH).

Recall that in April 2021, three alien crypto banks entered the top ten most expensive NFTs.

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