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Games for adults, river rafting and expensive cars – what else helps entrepreneurs stay in the resource


Time tends to work against us – unless it’s hobby time. Hobbies help you to disconnect from everyday problems, prevent burnout, develop positive thinking and new useful skills. Our hobbies are important sources of energy to stay in good shape no matter what.

At an informal meeting, the members of our Club About Business talked about what they are fond of in their free time and how this activity helps them in business.

General partner of the club meeting on May 28 – Lexus-Minsk

Partner – Blackout studio

General partner of the club 2021 – MTBank

“No boring cars!” – the inspiring story of Toyota

Sergey Gavrilko CEO Lexus-Minsk and Toyota Center Minsk Vostok Automobile Holding"Atlant-M"
Sergey Gavrilko
CEO Lexus-Minsk and Toyota Center Minsk Vostok Automobile Holding

– The history of the brand began with the production of looms under the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works brand. A few years later, the patent for the invention was sold, and the proceeds were invested in the development of automobiles. In 1933, an automobile division was opened under Toyoda.

In 1999, the production of Toyota cars exceeded 100 million. All over the world they knew that Toyota and Lexus cars are reliable, comfortable, profitable, safe and … boring. So it was until, at the age of 50, the grandson of the founder of the company, Akio Toyoda, became interested in auto racing.

In 2009, he started for the first time at the “24 hours of the Nurburgring”, and in 2017 he made a loud statement: “No boring cars!” From that moment on, the brand’s designers were given such a degree of freedom that they did not have in the entire history of the company. This was a new wave of success.

Slide from Sergey Gavrilko's presentation
Slide from Sergey Gavrilko’s presentation

At the end of 2020, the company became the largest automaker in the world (9.53 million cars were sold in a year) and topped the rating of the most expensive car brands in 2020. The brand was valued at $ 51.595 billion.

“Why did I go here and do it with myself for my own money ?!”

Denis Molchan, director and founder of
Denis Molchan
Director and founder of

– At the age of about 30 I became interested in mountain river rafting and mountaineering. Once I got into a whirlpool, but I was able to get out of it. And once in Georgia we were turned over and I was thrown out of the boat. This is the worst thing, because it can be thrown anywhere. I clung to the stones with my fingers in order to somehow get out. After that, I began to be more careful about many things. This type of training helps to instantly respond to decision-making, interact well in a team and overcome their own fears.

And all of these skills are critical to running a business.

Slide from Denis Molchan's presentation
Slide from Denis Molchan’s presentation

The previous two years I went to the mountains, and this is a completely different sport. On the river you can sometimes relax, sometimes – group and tense up, but in the mountains it is always difficult.

This hobby can be characterized by the following phrase of my friend: “Why did I come here and do this with myself for my own money ?!” It doesn’t seem like it really makes sense. But when a few days or weeks go by, you think you want to repeat it. There is something inexplicable in this …

“There are places on the planet that will allow you to take a broader view of the world, yourself and your business in this world”

Konstantin Karachentsev, head of the travel company
Konstantin Karachentsev
Head of the travel company “Rest Studio”

– I like traveling very much. A week ago I returned from Dubai, where I was already for the sixth or seventh time, but I will gladly go there for the eighth and ninth. The United Arab Emirates is a country that changes every year, and no matter how many times you come, you always look at it with different eyes. Even now, during the pandemic, new observation decks, hotels, shopping centers have been opened.

I am like a semiconductor I pass through myself all the experience and all the emotions from the country and I gladly broadcast everything positive to my clients.

For example, I always say that I am not offering a tour, but emotions that will remain for a long time.

Photo from the presentation of Konstantin Karachentsev
Photo from the presentation of Konstantin Karachentsev

If you would like to expand the boundaries of thinking, get interesting impressions and new experiences, I would advise you to visit Hong Kong, Dubai, Rome and London. These completely different cities will allow you to take a broader view of the world, yourself and your business in this world.

“We all loved tag games, tic-tac-toe, robber Cossacks”

Diana Telnaya, co-owner of the ALIASGROUP Development Center,
Diana Telnaya
Co-owner of the ALIASGROUP Development Center

– Games as a hobby appeared in my life six years ago, when my child was two years old. When we began to study letters and reading, I thought about how we can teach adults through familiar and favorite entertainment. We all loved tag games, tic-tac-toe, Cossack-robbers – I remade them in an adult way and use them in my trainings and education.

For example, I use the tic-tac-toe principle in negotiation or sales training, where skills such as memory and logical thinking are important. “Cossacks-robbers” – in management trainings, when everyone has their own role to fulfill, and the global goal is the same, like any business company.

Games take an adult away from rational thinking and doubts, fears, attitudes, because their rules are known and understood. Game participants get involved, move away from extraneous “noise” – such as, for example, the opinion of other people about them. Very often we do not do something important precisely because of the fear of not liking someone. And games, favorite activities, hobbies give us confidence in our actions, the opportunity to go beyond the usual thinking …

Photo from the presentation by Diana Telnaya
Photo from the presentation by Diana Telnaya

All this, in turn, helps to find new solutions for business … and not only. For life – too.

“I wanted to burn everything, throw it away, break it and never do it again!”

Alexander Brilenok, Director of Human Systems
Alexander Brilenok
Director of the company “Human Systems”

I assembled my first model of the ship about ten years ago, it was the Titanic. At first, a lot did not work out – I wanted to burn everything, throw it away, break it and never do it again.

The fact is that in layouts there are very small details that fall, break, constantly paint in the wrong way and stick to the wrong place. Therefore, it is difficult for an impulsive and emotional person to engage in such a hobby. Often you have to invent something yourself, because a part the size of the tip of a toothpick needs to be divided, somehow painted and glued. This develops logical, technical thinking, the ability to concentrate.

It is quite simple to draw an analogy with business here – it is obvious that everyone should train such qualities in himself. Concentration is especially important.

If we talk about creating a layout, then if you get down to business with complex thoughts and try to collect it in some background, nothing will work. And if you sit down to work with the right mood, you get a positive charge.

Photo from the presentation of Alexander Brilenok
Photo from the presentation by Alexander Brilenok

But there is a minus in this hobby – it is difficult to sit for a long time with a lowered neck. Be sure to periodically warm up. However, this is where the cons end. You concentrate and forget about problems, stress goes away – this is the most important thing.

“Triathlon teaches you to work for a long time, sometimes at the limit, and gradually move this limit”

Andrey Varava, CEO-specialist of АPoint company
Andrey Varava
CEO-specialist of the АPoint company

– For about four years I have been involved in sports, although before that in my life it was not at all. This hobby began with running and the desire to throw off what I had typed. It grew into a year and a half of running and several half marathons. After that, I decided to complicate the task by adding swimming and a bike.

Triathlon correlates with the same business in which you do sales and marketing and negotiation – all this needs to be understood.

So it is with the triathlon: in order to go a long distance, you need well-established nutrition, and strategy, and tactics of behavior, and competent recovery. Triathlon teaches you to work for a long time, sometimes at the limit, and gradually move this limit.

Photo from Andrey Varava's presentation
Photo from Andrey Varava’s presentation

And all life as a whole is like long distances. If you associate it with running, you get something akin to a marathon and an ultramarathon. It is not so much the starting speed that is important, but the average with which you are able to expand into all distances in order to competently pass them.

Stop, look around, and take a deep breath before continuing to run a long distance. Join the Pro Business Club community – communicate, learn new things and share your useful experience!

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