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Top 5 Most Popular Stories from Last Summer – Here’s What They Teach

Photo from personal archive

In the first week of June, we decided to recall the stories of the brightest entrepreneurs who inspired us last summer. Collected 5 of the most popular stories.

Last summer, our site was “blown up” by the story of the founders of the Kingo brand – the international couple Elena Alkadi and her husband Mustafa. It all started with a Like on Instagram. The young man moved from Baghdad to Yoshkar-Ola to get to know his future wife better. After the wedding, Mustafa got a job as a driver in a taxi service (there were no special options without registration and registration), but he realized that he would not feed his family this way.

Photo from personal archive

The couple decided to start their own business: making money on clothes and shoes from China. We took out a loan for 500 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 8 thousand for 2018) and opened a store a month later. Competitors did not allow young people to develop – they set off the police and various checks. Elena and Mustafa decided to turn the problem into an opportunity: to sew clothes on their own. How the family realized this idea, survived a tough staff turnover and paid off two loans – read the material.

The founders of the Karakuli company, Polina Smirnova and Olga Bakutinova, impressed with their flair and resourcefulness. During the maternity leave, the girlfriends decided to do something useful – to start their own business. Initially, we stopped at cleaning. But the article “10 ideas for business in the children’s sphere” on the Internet helped to find its niche.

Photo courtesy of the authors
Photo courtesy of the authors

The girls decided to send a cleaning “on figs” and do big coloring pages. We got down to business seriously – we wanted to stand out from the competitors in quality. “The first year of the existence of“ Karakuli ”we broke into a cake to promote without a budget, because there was simply no budget. They lived then without a salary at all, they understood: if you do not invest in advertising, then sales will stop at the level of friends and their acquaintances. And one day everything changed ”, – remember the girls. Read how young entrepreneurs managed not only to hold out during the coronavirus crisis, but to celebrate it like the second New Year, effortlessly increasing sales to the level of the “hot” season.

Serhiy Onishchenko is a Ukrainian entrepreneur who has not worked for a single day. At the age of 20, he launched his first project and traded in spices. I thought it was a lucrative product and made big markups. But the margin was small, and customers were leaving because of the rising prices. Sergey decided to radically change the field and launched the Savex Minerals company, which produces refractory mixtures for metallurgical plants.

Photo from personal archive

“We started with UAH 10,000 (a little less than $ 400), which we spent on the purchase of a used concrete mixer and raw materials for a trial batch of goods”, – Sergey recalls. As an entrepreneur, he teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and managed to turn his company into one of the largest innovative enterprises in Ukraine – in the history of Sergei.

Anton and Anna Plotnikovs figured out how to survive during a pandemic. To replace closed canteens in St. Petersburg, the couple opened a delivery of homemade food on a Max Food subscription.

Anton and Anna Plotnikovs with their son Maxim.  Photo from personal archive
Anton and Anna Plotnikovs with their son Maxim. Photo from personal archive

The couple decided to sell through the public on VKontakte. We did everything from scratch ourselves:

  • We set up a convenient menu in the format of buttons right under the cover. When people enter a group, they immediately understand where they are.

  • With the help of an acquaintance of the owner of the public for training beginner designers, we organized a competition. More than 100 designers fought to create the band’s design. Registration fee was only 2,000 rubles (about $ 28)

  • Set up a chat bot in the group for orders 24/7 (there is a bot constructor on VKontakte). The chatbot welcomes all new subscribers, a menu opens directly in the correspondence (for example, “About us” or “Make an order”)

  • Customized and added products (you can create an online store right in the public page on VKontakte)

  • We posted several articles (post-acquaintance, story about eating by subscription).

What came out of this experiment – read the link.

Last summer, we shared the thoughts of the Ukrainian programmer Alexei Pakhunov, a member of the team that prepared the SpaceX spacecraft for launch.

Elon Musk.  Photo: TASS
Elon Musk. Photo: TASS

Alexey suggested what nuances compatriots from the CIS countries need to know in order to stay in the States and find work in a large company.

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