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Men don’t belong here? Find out who is better at building a beauty business

Business in women’s hands – a sign of failure or great luck? Especially when it comes to the beauty industry. The reality show “Try on my business” from the creator of the YouTube channel “Money Doesn’t Smell”, a member of the About Business Club Alexander Skripchenko, and the general partner of the club – MTBank, verifies in practice who best “rules” the beauty business: women or men!

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At the age of 21, he built his first business – a hookah bar with his parents’ money. He earned $ 1000 in a month and decided that education would no longer be useful to him. Six months ago I got involved in the beauty business. And now, for three days, he will transfer his creation into women’s hands … This is the story of Nikolai, the owner of the Lucky Time space beauty studio. He is 26 and his business makes a turnover of $ 5,000 every month.

What could be cooler?

Only – to be Veronica and earn twice as much at 25! The owner of BellaNika salon has been in business for three years. First, the girl studied the basics of entrepreneurship at the university, studied to be a make-up artist and stylist, tested her knowledge in practice and only after she decided on a dream – to open her own salon to make other girls well-groomed and beautiful. An entrepreneur father helped bring dreams to life.

But Veronica considers the salon’s turnover of $ 11,000 to be her own merit. Now she has to make her competitor’s business beautiful. What tricks will a gentle girl go for and will appreciate Nikolai’s brutal approach? See in the new issue!


You, too, can take part in the reality show “Try on My Business” for free, as the heroine of this issue, Veronica, did! To do this, you need to join our club – you can do this by filling out the form at the link.

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