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Digital marketing tools to convince your customers to say “I want to!”


There are more and more opportunities for promotion on the Internet every year. How do you choose what is right for your business? Tools and effective cases were analyzed by Sergey Kazak, Chief Visionary Officer of AMDG, at a joint webinar “About Business”, AMDG and Bank BelVEB.

Watch the full version of the webinar:

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A new webinar of our project starts June 17 at 17:00. Sergey Kazak will share how to create a company brand on the Internet. Join us!

Internet Marketing Goals and Tools

Digital marketing focuses on 2 goals – image and sales. Usually these areas develop according to the following scheme:

  • Responsible for sales is performance marketing, where the emphasis is on leads, orders and, for example, promotion of promotions. All this gives a quick result in the moment
  • Brand image (media-banner advertising, video advertising on the Internet, SMM, ORM, online reputation management) is responsible for separating from competitors. This direction is used when there are too many competitors on the market and you need to stand out not only with advertising budgets, but with the name of the company.

There is another direction that combines the two goals into one: sales + image = brandformance. It is used when the demand is low and it is necessary to increase knowledge about the product, the number of the audience, to convey to the audience the main value of the product.

4 stages of a marketing funnel

A typical marketing funnel is divided into 4 stages. At each stage, the target audience is in a certain state: I see, I remember, I understand and I want to. Each stage has its own digital tools.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak
Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

At the “see” stage, the following are best suited:

  • Media, banner and video advertising
  • Targeted advertising.

This stage is typical for campaigns, the purpose of which is to convey information, for example, about the release of a new product or an advertising game. When the customer has already seen your product, he should start remembering it.

At the “remember” stage, it additionally helps:

  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting.

“I understand” and “remember” are almost the same stages. They contain common tools, but in “I understand” it is additionally worth connecting:

  • Performance marketing
  • SEO.

To get started with these stages, you need to understand which one your customers are in now – and promote them to the “want” stage, after which the client becomes a buyer. This goal is achieved with the same tools with a focus on more effective ones.

Digital for sales

SEO. Working on the search engine optimization of the site, you can increase the traffic of the hot target audience, increase the number of applications / leads, and also get deals at a low price. In our experience, SEO costs 10 times less than other paid promotion tools. The main thing is to understand that this tool is being tuned gradually. With its help, we do not deceive the search engine, but we make the site more user-friendly.

In SEO for Google, there is such a feature as the “sandbox” – the search engine rates young sites lower than others. The same approach applies to sites that contain an undeveloped structure, i.e. have too few landing pages. If you have the opportunity to modify more pages and develop the structure of the site, do so.

An example is the online furniture store “Real Furniture”. The goal was to increase traffic and site positions in search results. The main problem was that the site was too young and lacked landing pages.

We have developed the structure of the site, added catalogs and received 33,969 requests for furniture in 2 years.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak
Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

Performance marketing covers with display ads millions of sites and sites included in the YAN and CCM. The cost of promotion using this tool is higher, but you receive applications almost from the first day. You can quickly make adjustments to your ads by disabling unnecessary queries and campaigns.

You will be given flexibility by a tool such as A / B testing, i.e. several formats of one advertisement published at the same time. The time for placing test cases is calculated by targeted actions. The optimal indicator is 400 targeted actions, such as, for example, clicks on each of the banner options. A / B testing works not only for banners, but also for promotion through advertising platforms.

An example of A / B testing in performance marketing. A large chain of food delivery from restaurants and cafes was going to attract applications for a courier job, and in the low season. Ads were launched on Yandex.Direct, GoogleAds, VKontakte, Facebook (Instagram) and MyTarget.

We A / B tested an ad banner – and found that a photo of a courier without labels and additional design elements works best.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak
Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

As a result, there were 35% more applications for the vacancy. Most of them (39.6% and 27.6%) came from Google Ads and Facebook.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak
Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

Digital for the purpose of recognition

Media banner advertising takes a client 10 times longer than a regular banner. It provides maximum audience coverage, and focuses specifically on the target audience of the brand. Non-standard formats of advertising messages help to stand out.

Some of the interactive formats are:

  • Changing elements on the site by clicking a button

  • Change screen properties if the client wipes, shakes or swipes the work surface

  • Replacing banners on click

  • 3D banner via Google Ads (supported only by image platforms).

On average, these games take from 30 to 60 seconds of customer time, enhance communication with the target audience and attract attention. While in ordinary banners the interaction with the user lasts 3-5 seconds, in interactive ones it is 10-15 times longer.

Even if you have thoughts that this does not work in B2B, you should understand that the boundaries have long been erased and spilled over into P2P (person-to-person). On the other side of the banner, there are people just like you, even if we are talking about the heads of large companies.

An example of using a 3D banner. The cosmetics firm needed to increase traffic to its new online store. We created a voluminous, unusual banner and placed it through GoogleAds.

As a result, the conversion to orders became 2.5 times higher than in existing advertising campaigns, and the average session duration increased by 10%.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak
Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

Video advertising on the Internet – this is the possibility of additional coverage with the ability to measure the effectiveness of content.

A user needs 12 interactions to remember a banner ad – with a video ad, three views are enough.

That is why this advertising format is now offered not only on YouTube, but also through online cinemas and social networks.

An example of using video advertising. The Chitorio confectionery factory needed to bring a new product to the market. To do this, we launched video advertising, mass-targeting and look-alike – advertising to an audience similar to the one that has already interacted with the brand.

Sales growth in the first month was 76%, and at the end of the advertising campaign (second month of sales) it reached 130%. The confectionery factory “recaptured” all investments in marketing.

Material from the presentation of Sergei Kazak

SMM (in this case – maintaining image communities in social networks) is needed by companies that want to create an additional platform for communication with the audience and use it as an additional tool for reaching.

There is one peculiarity here – social networks are rapidly changing the algorithms for displaying content. For example, Facebook has a 3% rule: if you’re not promoting, only 3% of your followers see your posts.

In SMM, interesting content always wins and about 5-6 publications per month, where promotion is individually configured for each one. It is better to make less content, but promote it, than publish a lot of information and get lost in the information noise.

An example of growing engagement on Instagram without increasing the budget. The Krasny Pischevik factory set a goal to increase Instagram engagement without increasing the promotion budget. A strategy was developed according to which there were fewer publications, but their quality increased, and these publications began to be promoted.

The bottom line is that engagement increased by 19.3%, and the average number of likes increased to 1,632.

Online reputation management (ORM) – brand mentions monitoring… Other tools can go to waste if the user opens reviews, and everything is sad there. Especially if one client costs you a lot.

An example of using ORM. The car manufacturer has set a goal to improve its online reputation. The analysis of the information field of the brand was carried out. This is how we identified false and irrelevant information. And brought to the fore in search engines useful and truthful.

“If you want to hide a corpse, hide it on the second page of Google,” Google employees joke when it comes to where to place unwanted company information.

As a result, 22,150 visitors saw incorrect information before work, after 6 months – only 225.

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