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Belarusian businessmen who actively conduct social networks – our top 10

“Business is always a struggle. All the winners are covered with scars, ”said Herbert Casson, a well-known Canadian journalist and financial specialist. We have compiled a rating of the top Belarusian business, who do not hide their “scars” and openly share their experience. Which of the entrepreneurs more than others writes about their successes and failures, personal life and hobbies – find out from our material.

We noticed that some previously publicly active entrepreneurs, after the social and political events of August 2020, stopped updating their social media accounts. In particular, Viktor Prokopenya, the founder of VP Capital, has not published anything on his Facebook lately. He made the only post this year on Instagram – he shared his thoughts on vaccination against COVID-19 and announced that he himself had been vaccinated against coronavirus.

The rating was made taking into account the following indicators:

  • Presence in the latest list of 200 most successful and influential businessmen of Belarus
  • Availability of profiles in social networks (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Privacy settings (the ability to view your account, posts and friends list, as well as comment on posts)
  • The frequency of posting and the number of discussions (entrepreneurs who regularly maintain social networks and interact with the audience are in the top)
  • The nature of the content (personal life, work or news agenda).

Sergey Brui – 10th place

Sergey Bruy, photo:
Sergey Bruy, photo:

Managing Director of Vizor Games Sergey Bruy in a measured manner reveals the details of success in the profession and personal life in social networks. His Instagram page is closed to onlookers. Judging by the number of subscribers, it is not so easy to get through to Sergei.

You can try to find out a little more about the identity of the entrepreneur in his Facebook profile. But here, too, difficulties await you: Sergey is an infrequent visitor to social networks. The last time the businessman shared a new step of the company. This post was made in April!

If you scroll through the feed, you can find even more news about Vizor Games, Sergey’s predictions about how the IT industry will change, and memories of his childhood. If you wish, you can even discuss the businessman’s statements (comments are open), but you should not count on a quick response from Sergey himself.

Lyubov Pashkovskaya – 9th place

Lyubov Pashkovskaya, photo from personal page on Facebook
Lyubov Pashkovskaya, photo from personal page on Facebook

CEO Verv Inc. Lyubov Pashkovskaya closed her personal Instagram profile for outsiders. In order to find out a little more about it, a page on Facebook will be enough. Here Lyubov tells the story of creating mobile products, gives advice to colleagues from the development field, shares her principles and good habits.

Since May, there has been no news from the entrepreneur in social networks.

Leonid Tomchin – 8th place

Leonid Tomchin, photo from his personal page on Facebook
Leonid Tomchin, photo from his personal page on Facebook

The chairman of the board of directors of the Apteka Group holding Leonid Tomchin maintains a personal page on Facebook. On the social network, the businessman has started a tradition of sharing inspiring stories.

In Leonid’s feed, you can find memes about medicine (and not only), important news from the Pharmacy Group holding and family photos.

Yuri Melnichek – 7th place

Yuri Melnichek, photo:
Yuri Melnichek, photo:

Bulba Ventures co-founder and IT entrepreneur Yuriy Melnichek uses his Facebook page as a platform for reasoning. It can be seen that the businessman loves to discuss the news agenda and nudge his audience of thousands to reflection.

On the social network, you can read publicly a report on what is happening in the Belarusian startup ecosystem, learn about new IT technologies and products, and also get recommendations on which entrepreneurs to follow the success of.

Svetlana Siparova and Andrey Serikov – 6th place

Svetlana Siparova and Andrey Serikov, photo: twitter
Svetlana Siparova and Andrey Serikov, photo: twitter

Svetlana Siparova owns the Mark Formele group of companies together with her husband Andrey Serikov. A Facebook businesswoman cannot do without mentioning her spouse.

But in activity, Svetlana is clearly inferior to her husband. Andrey posts on Facebook more often than all entrepreneurs combined. The businessman shares news, life hacks, memes, funny videos.

In two weeks in June, the entrepreneur managed to publish more than 50 posts! This is an absolute record in our rating.

Andrey’s page will definitely cheer you up, but in fact it will tell you little about his life or business. It is better to follow these details on Svetlana’s Instagram.

Reflections on raising a daughter, marriage, interesting cases with pets and a lot of nature – all this can be found in Svetlana’s profile and ask her questions. Posts are open for discussion.

Dmitry Matskevich – 5th place

Dmitry Matskgvich, photo:
Dmitry Matskgvich, photo:

Dbrain director Dmitry Matskevich does not give an opportunity to find out who is on the list of his friends on his Facebook page, and generally does not spoil the audience with posts very much. But if it comes out with a publication, then for important reasons: share insights, reveal the technology of working with your emotions, or ask the business community for advice.

In social networks, Dmitry even exposes scammers. On his Instagram page in January 2021, the entrepreneur released a sensational statement that unknown persons used generative neural networks to “pull” Dmitry’s face onto the actor, shoot a fake webinar and sell it on the Internet. “I myself did not immediately realize that it was not me,” the businessman admitted in the post.

At one point, Dmitry experienced a bouquet of emotions:

  • Displacement (do not generate negative vibe)
  • Shame, dismay
  • Aggression, anger (find, plant, beat, block)
  • Acceptance of a new reality
  • I saw how to rejoice, admire, where are the signals from the universe, how to use it
  • Started getting high!

And in the end, he advised subscribers not to believe in advertising with their own face anymore, especially if in the frame it promises to help make money. You can follow the more routine everyday life of a businessman in stories – the content is updated regularly.

Evgeny Nevgen – 4th place

Evgeny Nevgen, photo from his personal page on Instagram
Evgeny Nevgen, photo from his personal page on Instagram

The creator of top apps (MSQRD, Loóna, Locals), businessman from the Forbes list, Yevgeny Nevgen openly talks about his life in the United States on social networks. Maintains profiles on Facebook (occasionally) and Instagram (regularly). It leaves the opportunity to discuss your posts and chat, but carefully hides the list of friends on FB from prying eyes.

In Instagram, a businessman has been recording joyful family moments and work successes since 2020 (according to GQ magazine). The last post is dedicated to the victories of the Loóna app (mobile software helps to quickly tune in to a healthy sleep after a long and stressful day). Last week, the product won the prestigious Apple Design Award 2021 in the Graphics & Visuals category. Eugene shared this news with his subscribers in the usual style – without further ado.

On Facebook, the entrepreneur is more talkative. There, Evgeny rarely, but aptly talks about career opportunities in his projects and invites like-minded people to join the team.

Valery Ostrinsky – 3rd place

Valery Ostrinsky, photo:
Valery Ostrinsky, photo:

The founder of Telvel Group and member of the Board of Angels BAND Belarus Valery Ostrinsky practically does not give interviews and is rarely chosen “to the people”. His reflections on the picture of the world, the present and future of Belarusian business, and news from the investment sphere can be regularly read on the businessman’s personal Facebook page (Valery has made more than 12 posts since the beginning of the summer).

On his page, Valery draws the attention of the Internet community to those entrepreneurs who need support. This post about 20-year-old Maxim and his “development of the future” raises another important topic for discussion: why technologies that are designed to make life easier for people are made too complicated and expensive? If you have something to say – leave comments under the post.

Arkady Izrailevich – 2nd place

Arkady Izrailevich, photo:
Arkady Izrailevich, photo:

Director of the group of companies “IV” Arkady Izrailevich long ago received the national title of one of the most scandalous businessmen in our country. The entrepreneur talks about his extraordinary everyday life on Instagram and Facebook.

Social media content is also spicy (both in posts and stories). Arkady says that he thinks about everything, including the current state of affairs in Belarusian business, and clearly shows how he manages to keep himself in shape at the age of 57.

The biggest excitement in the comments was caused by the last post of Arkady about vaccination against coronavirus. More than 70 people took part in the discussion. Each expressed his attitude to the procedure and asked where the businessman managed to get a rare vaccine.

Join the discussion – comments are open!

Andrey Milevich – 1st place

Andrey Milevich, photo from his personal page on Facebook
Andrey Milevich, photo from his personal page on Facebook

The first place in our rating is taken by the co-owner of the VGI holding, the chairman of the board of directors of the Belagro group of companies Andrei Milevich. The businessman writes on his Facebook page almost every day. Andrey talks about important events in his business, discusses news and shares memories of pleasant moments with his family.

In just two weeks in June, Andrei published more than 15 posts. The businessman does not hide the list of his friends, does not block access to publications and comments. You can always knock on Andrey’s private messages with your question or send a request for friendship – he does not leave anyone in subscribers 🙂

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