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How to stop running a business on a whim – the case of a clothing brand

Once, two girls faced a problem – the lack of the right style of clothing. The solution was to create our own clothing brand Uno Mas Uno. But making sense of the management routine is not easy. See what is holding back creative businesses from growing and developing.

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Many entrepreneurs start out on a whim – especially in the apparel design industry. And they continue to lead it the same way, trusting feelings, not numbers.

“Stable earnings are, of course, good, but I would like to see growth not only in the volume of work, but also in the growth of numbers”, – the creators of the Uno Mas Uno brand admit Julia Mednik and Tatiana Lavrenova… In the Working Group project, they would like to know how to do this.

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When production grows, the number of partners increases, it is not always possible to cope with the flow of tasks and find time for strategic issues. The lack of revenue growth in their business proved to be a problem. The girls have plans to grow into a chain of stores in Belarus, as well as enter the CIS market.

The girls noted that they lack an experienced manager who would easily and professionally control the processes in the company. Own production is another problematic place. Rather, a long-term plan that already needs to be implemented. At the moment, the girls have outsourced production. And the absence of a website is a real “long-term construction” of the Uno Mas Uno brand. Its development has already taken a long time.

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Uno Mas Uno business in numbers

  • Revenue per month: 80-90 thousand Belarusian rubles rub. ($ 31,000-35,000)
  • Main expense items: textiles and rent
  • Repair in the showroom: 55,000-62,000 BYN rub. ($ 22,000-25,000)
  • Number of employees: 9 people
  • Number of stores: 1

Solutions from the “Working Group”

Having listened to all the wishes and difficulties of the two entrepreneurs, the experts are the managing partner of the Agency for Strategic and Economic Development Oleg Ilyin and co-founder of Webcom Group Sergey Tsarik – offered several solutions that, in their opinion, would help the company to reach a new level.

Solution 1. Estimate the production capacity.

Experts advise to analyze what the maximum amount of goods a company can produce. Understanding this variable will allow you to find a starting point for sales and evenly distribute the load.

Solution 2. Digitization of the business.

It is necessary to calculate the profits and losses, to see how much it costs to produce outsourced products. Perhaps the calculations will lead entrepreneurs to the conclusion that their own production is much more profitable.

Solution 3. Development of social networks and creation of your own website.

“Offline attracts customers, while online retains and develops”, Experts say. The site will become a sales platform – despite the fact that now an offline store provides more profit than an online platform.

But if you launch a website, this does not mean that sales will immediately go uphill. It is still necessary to maintain customer feedback, monitor the customer base, etc. Relatively speaking, if the problem of the site is solved, then new questions will appear in its place.

Solution 4. Attracting media people.

A possible option for promotion is cooperation with a blogger or artist, who will become the face of the company and receive a percentage of sales. A popular advertising face will attract its audience and bring the brand to the masses. But initially, such cooperation requires the creation of a trademark.

Which of the development paths will lead our heroes to success – see the full version of the fifth issue of the “Working Group”.

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