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A cool idea or a mistake? Watch couples build family businesses

A women’s clothing store, a car cosmetics salon, a service station, an IT school and catering – see what ideas these couples can develop. Collected 5 stories where the spouses became an excellent team in business.

The story of Denis and Natalia Denisenko from Grodno is like a fairy tale. For several years, the couple traded in the market and dreamed of more, but did not dare for a long time. A lucky chance helped to make the dream come true.

Denis Denisenko with his wife Natalia, photo from personal archive
Denis Denisenko with his wife Natalia, photo from personal archive

In the fall of last year, the husband came to conduct standard operations at the Bank RRB. One of the employees offered to participate in an advertising campaign for clients. The main prize is advertising support for your own business. Denis was given a serial number, the rules were explained. The entrepreneur immediately forgot about this game.

And then, 3-4 hours before the New Year, a call rang from an unfamiliar number. In the receiver, the guy in a solemn voice began to congratulate the couple on the win How the spouses took advantage of their luck 100% – read the material.

Ekaterina Kryzhovnik helped her husband’s dream come true – to take her favorite business “outside the garage” and open her own service station. “While on maternity leave, she once offered to go with him to the garage and paint cars together. So I stayed there“, – the girl jokes.

Photo courtesy of the authors
Photo courtesy of the authors

Over time, Ekaterina got used to the soul of cars, “pumped” in body repair and helped the business to withstand the most difficult times – the crisis of 2014 and 2020. How the couple got out of debt, expanded their business and competed with the “sharks” of the market – in the story of Ekaterina.

Valeria Rusak left the police service to help her husband “grow” a small catering. “At first she worked as a waitress, and when she quit her job, she became a manager with great joy: she herself recruited waiters, but continued to help serve the guests.“- says the girl.

Valeria Rusak, photo from personal archive
Valeria Rusak, photo from personal archive

Valeria experienced all the hardships of the pandemic with her husband. In two days, the couple lost almost all orders and sent the catering service on a forced vacation. Neither the girl nor her husband could believe that six years of work and effort could simply disappear in one moment. How the couple managed to find a way out and save the family business – read the material.

Yulia Yuzefovich left the post of a nurse to make money with her husband to paint a car. This is not for a fragile girl. “Clients simply did not want to perceive the girl as a professional“, – Yulia recalls.

Julia Yuzefovich, photo from personal archive
Julia Yuzefovich, photo from personal archive

Julia decided to gain knowledge on her own: she talked with craftsmen, studied literature – first about materials and cars, then about sales. A businesswoman from Brest had to go through the mistrust of clients, careless craftsmen and streams of negativity in order to earn credibility and become a “helmsman” with her husband. How a reliable rear helped the couple to bring their business online and cope with the pandemic – read the material.

Spouses Yuri Sorokin and Tamara Kulinkovich, co-founders of Studio Sorokin and Kulinkovich, have been developing training schools for those who want to “enter IT” since 2013. More than 3000 people from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have already passed through the studio.

Photo courtesy of the authors
Yuri Sorokin and Tamara Kulinkovich. Photo: Alexander Sots

In parallel with a small business, Yuri worked for a long time in hiring. Tamara saw that her husband was unhappy. I quite clearly imagined him as an entrepreneur and did not doubt for a moment that he would be able to do something good. “, – the girl recalls.

After some time, an investor was found for the project. As soon as the amount was credited to the account, the ruble once again fell sharply, the money depreciated by 30 percent per day. And besides the answer to the question: “How to make a project?” the couple had to figure out what to spend their money on before prices went up. Follow the link to see how the couple got out and found a niche that generates income.

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