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This simple tool will help you fight for staff when they are in great demand.


Finding and retaining an experienced employee is every manager’s dream. How corporate endowment insurance can help with this – Alexander Mudrik, an independent consultant on strategic management and personnel management, expresses his opinion.

“Now is the applicant’s time – and this will be for a long time.”

Alexander Mudrik
Independent consultant for strategic management and personnel management

– Now the market is not for the employer, but for the applicant. Earlier, during the interview, I could ask the question: “Who can recommend you as a specialist?” Now the applicant is already asking me who can vouch for the company he came to interview. Finding staff that meets all the requirements is extremely difficult.

I think this situation will last for a very long time. Labor market problems lie in the lack of human resources. Although many resumes describe candidates as Nobel laureates, in reality there are not many professionals in Belarus, in all spheres. And this despite the fact that in a crisis the employee is required to be multifunctional. Many companies dream of an all-rounder who can “cover” the tasks of several positions at once.

In this situation, like never before, managers are faced with difficult questions: what to offer the candidate for an interview and what to add so that already hired employees are interested in long-term cooperation.


Unfortunately, the situation is such that many specialists consider it correct to change jobs every few years. How to keep them? Yes, nothing. It’s a way of life, a desire to try more, a lack of attachment to any employer. But this does not mean that you need to give up. For every specialist there is an offer that he cannot refuse.

How to inspire an employee for long-term cooperation?

  1. Develop the company’s internal HR brand. I’m talking about the culture of the team, the atmosphere of interaction with you, your subordinates, partners, clients. The internal HR brand touches on seemingly insignificant little things that a leader in the flow of affairs may not pay attention to.

  • For example, do you know what employees say about your company to their friends and relatives?
  • How do you, as a leader, start the work week – with a positive or a “debriefing”? With what mood do your employees leave to communicate with your clients and partners?
  • And one more important detail is the office toilet. Before meeting with the management, I try to go in and see what the bathroom is like. It immediately becomes clear with whom to talk. If it is clean, there are paper towels and everything that is necessary for hygiene, then I immediately understand that it is possible to conduct a dialogue with the head of the company.
  1. Provide professional development opportunities. Professionals are always eager for new challenges and want to be cooler tomorrow than today. This is especially necessary for IT specialists. They want to work on different projects, in different industries, to improve their expertise.

  2. Provide career opportunities. Moreover, growth does not have to be vertical – many employees are focused on changing specialization and expanding their functionality.

  3. Don’t forget about corporate “goodies”. These include programs for the formation of a healthy lifestyle for employees, a comfortable environment in the office. Employees in some offices walk around their offices in slippers, bring dogs or have cats.

Theaters, excursions, fresh vegetables and fruits in the office – all this helps to appreciate the place where the specialist works. Personally, I am also inspired by programs related to personal development. For example, some companies provide training compensation.

But I am against frills that relax the employee and make him less efficient and slow. For example, I don’t see the need to invite a masseur to the office. This does not help relaxation, but rather leads to a loss of productivity.

How will insurance programs help retain staff?

One of the tools that help employees feel more confident and secure is corporate insurance programs.

Perhaps now is the time when a sense of security is especially important. Many employees are stressed and anxious. Right now, the company’s attitude towards employees should become more “human”.It is necessary to make it clear that the employee is not alone, he is in a team that will always support and with whom you can overcome any difficulties.

Corporate accumulative insurance – one of the most demanded offers of the “Priorlife” company. The growth in this area in the company for several years amounted to 30-50%.

The program not only provides additional savings for the employee, but also demonstrates the company’s concern for his well-being. It also works like a regular insurance in case of force majeure.

The employer pays the contribution, and the employee receives the material benefit. This increases employee loyalty and provides even more reasons to stay in the company for a long time. This is more profitable than just paying an employee a bonus – the insurance premium is not taxed at 34%.

And, by the way, an individual entrepreneur can also issue corporate accumulative insurance.

In my opinion, insurance companies need to develop tailor-made offers for each company. For example, life insurance will be especially relevant for organizations where there are hazardous industries, many business trips and trips, as well as for companies where older employees work – those who are interested in long-term, stable cooperation.

But this does not mean that office workers and IT specialists who are constantly changing places will not appreciate such an offer. For them, it can mean the modernity of the brand, the ability to manage money wisely and think first of all about people, and not about earnings.

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