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Effie Awards Belarus opened the season 2021

Photo: company archive

The Effie Awards is an internationally renowned, prestigious marketing award that recognizes the premier achievement in marketing communications – efficiency.

Annually Effie Worldwide names the most effective brands and agencies, publishing Effie Index – “gold” rating of marketing effectiveness, recognized at the global level.

Effie Belarus 2021 will pass 17-18 November for the third time, bringing together marketers and business owners who strive to be effective in a rapidly changing world on one site.

The organizers of the Effie Belarus Prize are Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus (AKMA)… General partner of the award Effie Awards Belarus 2021 advocates international payment system Mastercard Is a global financial and technology company that operates in the payment industry and operates to ensure safe and comfortable payments and develop the digital economy in more than 210 countries around the world, including Belarus.

Based on the best international experience, the Prize Effie Awards Belarus is designed to give a professional and competent assessment of marketing practices and reward the most successful projects implemented in the Belarusian market, with outstanding results in terms of the effectiveness of marketing communications.

Photo: company archive

Effie recognizes all forms of marketing communications that contribute to brand success. To be successful in the award, participants must detail the “why” behind the strategy and provide evidence that the work done has indeed achieved significant results.

Effie judges review a wide range of applications, including marketing efforts spanning months and years, and efforts implemented in just one day. The key point that distinguishes the finalists and winners is not the overall scope or duration of the campaign, but whether the objectives were ambitious and whether the results achieved are outstanding in terms of category, audience, competition, resources, idea, strategy, etc. Was this an idea that really worked?

Effie open to all forms of efficiency – increasing brand awareness, loyalty to the target audience, increasing sales, etc. The decisive factor is not a comparison of two cases, one of which was to increase sales, and the other was to increase brand awareness, but how challenging their individual goals were within their category, in terms of competition and the individual situation of the brand in the market, and what are the achieved of these results in response to their assigned tasks.

Chairman of the Board Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies, Alena Ustinovich, notes: “Marketing all over the world is becoming more and more technological and assumes from the industry professionals qualitative growth in the use of its technologies and tools, the ability to quickly make decisions that contribute to the preservation and growth of business in a rapidly changing environment. Holding the Prize Effie Awards Belarus allows you to determine the most effective market participants according to generally accepted world standards – based on the results of the Effie Awards Belarus will be formed local efficiency rating 2021… Places in the rating are distributed in accordance with the number of points scored during the struggle of nominees for prizes, and points received for the awards Effie Awards Belarus are taken into account at the global level and are summed up in the global efficiency rating Effie Indexwhich enables brands to strengthen their positions in the international arena. “

Photo: company archive

Currently, accepting applications for participation in the competition is open and will last until September 30.

The refereeing will take place in several stages. According to generally accepted world standards Effie, Competitive applications are evaluated in two rounds, for each of which a unique jury is formed in order to avoid conflicts of interest in the form of assessing their own cases, cases of direct competitors, etc. Points are assigned to each application confidentially.

First round of judging
October 21-22
In the first round, the jury members evaluate the works in different categories (nominations). The jury evaluates all components of the application: writing and creative materials. Each project is assessed individually, in order to achieve marketing objectives, out of comparison with other projects within the same category. Each jury member will confidentially evaluate a unique set of applications. Based on the marks of all the members of the jury who voted, the average score of each work is calculated. The projects that have received a sufficient number of points become finalists and go to the second, final judging round.

Second round of judging
November 4-5
In the second round, applications are assessed against the applications of other finalists within the same category. As in the first round, all components of each application are evaluated and assigned points. The jury members of the second round discuss the finalists’ entries in each category before the final points are awarded.
Each member of the jury receives a set of applications for consideration, excluding the possibility of conflicts of interest and biased judging.

Winners with the most points in their category can be nominated for Grand Prix Effie Awards Belarus… The Grand Prix is ​​awarded annually to one of the best projects among all categories of the award. Most often, the Grand Prix is ​​awarded to a project that can be described as the “breakthrough of the year”.

Since the jury members choosing the winner of the Grand Prix of the competition are the most prominent representatives of the marketing industry, who express the general opinion when choosing the winner, the Grand Prix is ​​not only the most effective project of the year, but also carries a message to the entire industry about the vectors of further development.

Scoring system

Jury members confidentially evaluate projects on a 100-point scale against specific criteria, looking at the overall effectiveness of the campaign and analyzing four components in each work:

Problem, context and goals – 23.3%;
Insight and strategic idea – 23.3%;
Bringing the idea to life – 23.3%;
Results – 30%.

Jury Effie Awards Belarus – a collegium of experienced and authoritative professionals of the marketing and business communications market in Belarus, with a high level of competence and extensive experience in various fields of the industry. The jury will include experts from various disciplines, including leading representatives of marketing and communication agencies, major local and international brands, research companies, and the media.

Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner, where the winners and winners will be announced Effie Awards Belarus 2021 will take place on November 18.

Within the framework of the Prize Effie Awards Belarus 2021 conference will be held “Reboot Marketing: A Course on Modern Efficiency Trends”… The use of artificial intelligence, the strengthening of the “green” economy and the climatic responsibility of business and industries, rethinking the importance of international cooperation and sustainable development goals, digitalization, the combination of science and applied technologies are key meanings, the development of which will allow participants to reach a new level of development of marketing efficiency of their brands.

To participate in Effie Awards Belarus projects are accepted, realized since January 1, 2019 to September 15, 2021To participate in the Prize, you must fill out the registration form and all the necessary annexes to it and also download creative materials (presentation or video case).

The organizers of the Prize provide methodological support to the contestants according to the rules for filing applications.

You can learn more about the Prize on the official website or by e-mail [email protected]

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